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Supporting the World

Helping The World Solve Complex Problems

Our global support efforts

The mission is to help people and teams solve complex problems. We aim to do so with professionalism, reliability, quality and value.

We believe diversity and inclusion are essential components of teams who deliver value. We also believe enabling learners to engage with experts like them and who speak their native languages create opportunities to forge deeper connections and enable the ongoing learning and development often needed to sustain effectiveness with Professional Scrum. 

If you browse the list of people who are part of our global PST community, you will notice we have opportunities to enrich our own diversity and create greater representation in many ways. As a result, we have a deliberate growth strategy to help better match the diverse profiles of our current and emerging learners with the profiles of those who lead our Professional Scrum training events.

We are prioritizing highly-qualified trainer candidates who: 

  • Are women
  • Live in and serve underrepresented geographies such as Africa, China, Japan, or the Spanish-speaking parts of South and North America 
  • Teach in Spanish, Chinese, or Japanese
  • Increase our racial, ethnic or other aspects of diversity
  • Demonstrate significant experience practicing Scrum with non-software products and teams

We welcome all who are qualified and interested to apply to become a PST. Applicants who match our prioritized characteristics will receive priority invitations to events and have access to additional support throughout their journey. For qualified candidates who do not match a target dimension, please be aware you may wait longer to enter the PST community. 

If you are qualified to be a PST, match one of our prioritized characteristics and are unsure of how to get started on your journey please get in touch so we can find a way to support you. 

Learn more about the commitment to diversity and social responsibility and if you are a woman interested in becoming a PST candidate, learn about how we are supporting women

Pricing Structure to Support the World

We categorize the countries in which our trainers operate as either primary, secondary or tertiary markets, basing our assignment of a country to one of these markets on many factors. We have designed our programs so that training in non-primary markets can be offered at lower prices.

Primary Markets

Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States

Secondary Markets

All countries not listed as primary or tertiary

Tertiary Markets

India and African nations

**Note market designations are subject to change**