Professional Agile Leadership - Evidence Based Management Live Virtual Class, Jan 13-14, 2022


Course Overview

In the Professional Agile Leadership™ – Evidence-Based Management (PAL-EBM), participants learn techniques that support a more agile mindset:

• Use empiricism to set and achieve strategic goals, managing the unknown and complexity through experimentation and by adapting goals along the way

• Create a cultural environment using clear goals, appropriate measures and trust to enable self-management and autonomy

• Shift the conversation away from measuring progress purely through team performance metrics, toward a focus on customer-centricity and improving customer outcomes

• Drive operational improvements by using four Key Value Areas (Unrealized Value, Current Value, Time-to-Market, and the Ability to Innovate) as lenses for evidence-based decision-making

Learning Objectives

• Understand the essential aspects of goals and measures and how they influence behaviours and an organization’s culture and values

• Help organizations embrace empiricism as a leadership approach. Using experimentation to incrementally steer toward the organization’s goals

• An appreciation for how goals and trust act together to enable autonomy, transparency, and value delivery

• Correlate market leadership and sustainability to curiosity, adaptation, and empiricism

• Understand how to use EBM and its KVAs to focus measurements on improving market value and operational capabilities

Who should attend?

PAL-EBM is for professionals in leadership roles (including executives, managers, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, coaches, and consultants) who:

• Are responsible for the success of their product delivery programs or Agile transformations and are seeking a means to measure and demonstrate that success

• Are looking for a framework that identifies improvement areas that increase their business agility, including their time to pivot to meet new challenges and deliver customer value

• Want to help their organization embrace empiricism and experimentation to find solutions for complex problems (where more is unknown than known or the situation changes rapidly)

• Want to articulate goals and measures in a way that fosters self-management and empower their teams to understand the connection between their work and the value their organization is providing and customer is receiving

• Want to be more effective in how they measure success by using Agile measures rather than traditional measurement models (including the use of velocity)

Attendees should have read the Evidence-Based Management Guide, have an understanding of Agile practices and a desire to move away from traditional, (plan-driven,) ways of working and measurement models, however, they do not need specific experience with Scrum. Our Professional Agile Leadership- Essentials course helps leaders understand how to best support their Agile teams and is ideal preparation for PAL-EBM, but is not a prerequisite.

Our Professional Scrum Product Owner and Professional Scrum Product Owner - Advanced courses teach Product Owners how to deliver value and can be a great complement to the PAL-EBM course.

Price: GBP 700

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Jan 13, 2022
Jan 14, 2022

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