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Professional Agile Leadership - Evidence Based Management

Hilversum, May 30, 2023

Class Overview

Professional Agile Leadership - Evidence-Based Management (PAL-EBM)

Organizations have to adapt more and more quickly to constantly changing market environments and customer requirements. Hence, rigid long-term strategies are no longer suitable. The basis for rapid organizational adaptation and overall Agility: a continuous flow of reliable business information and empirical evidence. Therefore, you need to evolve towards Evidence-Based Management: a professional, empirical Agile approach for continuous optimization of Product Value, business results, and resource & capacity utilization.

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Delivery Method

In Person Class
Location: Hilversum, Netherlands (venue details)


Start: May 30, 2023
End: May 30, 2023

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Registration & Price

Price: EUR 835

Registration for this class has closed

More Information

Become a Professional Agile Leader with EBM specialization!

During this course, you will learn all about the Evidence-Based Management™ (EBM) Framework, developed by to support you as a Professional Agile Leader in team management and in the continuous improvement of your organization's resource planning, capabilities, and business results. PAL-EBM is an empirical (experiment- and data-based) approach for:

  • Continuous improvement of (customer) results and capacities
  • Risk reduction
  • Investment optimization and resource planning

After all, to measure is to know. With EBM you increase and accelerate the adaptability of your organization; an absolute must in a volatile market environment!

This PAL-EBM training is perfect for

Are you a Scrum Master, Product Owner, Team Lead, coach, consultant or other executive and do you want to perfect your Agile leadership using EBM? Would you like to help your organization boost its Agility? Or do you want to expand your knowledge of the Agile mindset for effective leadership? Then this training is perfect for you!

What will you learn during this PAL-EBM training?

During this training, you will learn (hands-on!) what EBM is and how to deploy it for your organization's purposes and goals. You will experience all about the techniques that will give you and your team an empirical evidence-based, Agile mindset, namely:

  • Goals & Measures: How do you use EBM to influence the goals, behaviors, culture and values within your organization?
  • Empiricism as a leadership approach: How do you use experiments and data to formulate and achieve your organization's strategic objectives?
  • Key Value Areas: How do you utilize KVAs to target measurements for improving market value and operational capabilities?
  • Targets and Trust: how do these contribute to your organization's autonomy, transparency and value delivery?
  • In what ways do market leadership and sustainability correlate with trial-and-error research and adjustment based on empirical data?


The following topics are on the training program:

  1. Leadership Styles and Evidence-Based Management
  2. Agile business strategies (Goals versus Trust)
  3. Empiricism: experimenting, data collection and Product Value
  4. Hypothesis formation and evaluation
  5. Key Value Areas: Unrealized Value, Current Value, Time to Market, Ability to Innovate
  6. Identification, formulation, inspection and adjustment of goals
  7. Portfolio planning with EBM
  8. EBM for stakeholders & customers

PAL-EBM Trainers

Our trainers are Agile consultants and certified professionals. They are gurus in the field of Agile working: experts with a lot of practical experience. They are happy to share their expertise and experience with you, as an extra complement to the PAL-EBM learning objectives that have been established by

PAL-EBM Certification

The PAL-EBM exam (plus one retry) and certificate are included in the training. The online exam can be taken at a moment of choice. Please note, only if you take the exam within two weeks upon completion of the training will you receive a free second chance.

If you pass the PAL-EBM exam, you:

  • Receive a PAL-EBM certificate.
  • Become a lifelong member of the community.
  • Are included in the global database of Professional Agile Leaders.

Agile Leadership Learning Journey

This training follows the PAL basic training: Professional Agile Leadership Essentials (PAL-E). Would you like to perfect your leadership style with us? That is possible, for example, with the Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) Foundation training course. Or choose a new route and immerse yourself in Agile Scaling!

Yes, I want to become a Professional Agile Leader and EBM expert!

Then this training is perfect for you. After registering you will receive a confirmation email with all practical information. One week before the training we will ask you about your dietary needs. If preparation for the training is required, you will also receive the necessary literature via email. We look forward to seeing your registration!

Prerequisites for attending this training:

What else do I need to know?

  • Taking the PAL-EBM exam (plus one retake) is included in the price of the training. If you pass, you will receive the certificate (Professional Agile Leadership - Evidence-Based Management).
  • Also included: all study materials and each course day a delicious lunch!
  • The training is given in English. If desired, we can give this course in Dutch, in the form of in-company training.
  • The exam will be taken in English
  • Travel and accommodation costs, if any, are at your own expense.


Xebia Office Hilversum
Laapersveld 27
1213 VB, Hilversum

Conveniently located from A27/exit 33 Hilversum.
Free parking available.
Train station Hilversum Sportpark is at walking distance.

Lunch, snacks and drinks included in the training.