Professional Scrum Developer Dec 6-8, 2019


Course Overview

The 3-day Professional Scrum Developer course provides a real-world view of what it is like to build software with Scrum. Throughout the course, students collaborate together as a team in a series of Sprints where they apply modern engineering practices, and use the Scrum framework to cope with changes. Over the 3 days, students learn how to develop increments of potentially releasable functionality from a realistic Product Backlog.

Students concurrently do requirements engineering, design, development, testing, integration, and deployment within a single iteration. The course teaches how Agile engineering practices and supportive ALM tools improve a team’s capabilities even more.

The course is available in .Net/C#, Java, C++, MEAN, Embedded C, Mobile Apps, Python, Ruby and functional programming technologies, or trainers can work with your specific technology stack to make the course meet your specific needs. 

Course Topics

  • Using Scrum
  • Working within a Scrum Team • De nition of Done
  • Development Practices
  • Test Driven Development
  • Pair Programming
  • Code Review
  • Using ALM tools with Scrum

Learning Objective

  • Introduction to Scrum Framework, Elements of Scrum
  • Test Driven Development – why, what and how
  • TDD Cycle – Red, Green and Refactor
  • Drive the development (design and implementation) of a User Story
  • Learn concept of Emergent Design and why emergent design
  • How TDD helps you design software
  • Why testing first is better than testing after
  • Overview of Refactoring, Clean Code principle and Refactoring to Patterns
  • Software design – going deeper in SOLID design Principles
  • How to use mocking frameworks
  • Behavior Driven Development using SpecFlow/Cucumber
  • Specification by Examples using Gherkin language
  • Writing Scenarios and Scenario Outlines
  • Preparing Steps using xUnit framework
  • Difference between TDD and BDD
  • How to setup BDD practices within Scrum team


  • ALM – It can either Jira, Team Foundation Server, VersionOne, Trello or Rally
  • Continuous Integration – Jenkins, Bamboo, TFS, CircleCI, Team city or Hudson etc.
  • ATDD/BDD – Cucumber, Specflow, Behave, Behat, CucumberJS
  • TDD – Nunit, Junit, CPPUnit, Rspec etc.
  • DevOps – Vagrant, Docker, Ansible, Nagios, Splunk etc.

Key Learning Activities

Hands-on activities (60-70%) and discussion on mentioned topics (30-40%). Hands-on activities include writing unit test, code, writing examples and some group creativity activities.

Target Audience

The Professional Scrum Developer course is intended for all members of a Scrum Development Team; architects, programmers, database developers, testers, and others with some technical knowledge. The class focuses on using technology to deliver software in Increments.


This course has the Professional Scrum Developer level I (PSD I) as associated credential. All participants completing the Professional Scrum Developer course receive a password to take the PSD I assessment.

This industry-recognized certification requires a minimum passing score on the associated rigorous assessment. maintains a public list with everyone holding a PSD I credential.

Price: USD 1798

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