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Professional Scrum Facilitation Skills

Live Virtual Class, March 1, 2023

Class Overview

This is a one day live-virtual training course, aimed at Scrum Masters and Scrum Team members who want to improve their facilitation skills and pickup some techniques so that they can better serve their team by facilitating events, discussions and interactions.  

Students will address a series of common Scrum-related scenarios by applying several facilitation skills and techniques that they can add to their collection of agile practices. They will create and leave with their own facilitation “plan” to improve their next team discussion or Scrum event.

The price for this one day course is £550 + VAT and that includes the PSFS Assessment.

Class Details



Delivery Method

Live Virtual Class
Time Zone: Europe/London
Start/End Time: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Start: March 1, 2023
End: March 1, 2023

Class Format


Registration & Price

Price: GBP 550

The above price excludes VAT. Individuals and UK organisations pay VAT at 20%. Organisations outside the UK are outside the scope of UK VAT!

Registration for this class has closed

More Information

Course Learning Objectives

  • Develop facilitation skills and a facilitator’s mindset
  • Learn the facilitation principles that experienced facilitators fall back on when interactions are difficult
  • Understand the roles that facilitation principles and the Scrum Values play in enhancing healthy collaboration in Scrum Teams
  • Explore how facilitation can address challenging scenarios most Scrum Teams encounter
  • Apply facilitation skills and techniques to improve the Scrum events and other interactions
  • Understand how to encourage diverse perspectives, while bringing the team together to reach decisions
  • Experience the elements of group dynamics and how they influence the decision-making process
  • Leave class with a toolbox of facilitation techniques and understand how to apply them in different circumstances



Who is this course aimed at?

Scrum Masters and anyone else interested in helping their team navigate conflict and become more effective.

This course is online?

Yes, this course is a live "virtual" training course using Zoom.

Can a "Live Virtual Class" really compare to "in person" training?

Yes, once I started running my first Live Virtual Class I was convinced. The energy in the breakout room discussions is amazing and because no-one is travelling to a training venue, everyone has a little more time and focus!

What are the prerequisites for attending the course?

An understanding of Scrum.

How many people will be in the training?

At least 4 and never more than 12 students online to ensure maximum engagement for everyone who attends.

What time does the training run from and until?

Nine to five with frequent breaks and an hour for lunch.

Does this course include an assessment / certification.

Yes, the price of the training includes up to two attempts at the PSFS Assessment and associated certification!