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Professional Scrum Master

Live Virtual Class, November 4-5, 2023

Class Overview

Become a Professional Scrum Master! 

You work with Scrum Teams, or you’ve completed our Scrum Foundation and are eager to learn more. Great news! But how to become a Professional Scrum Master? As a Professional Scrum Master you know how to make teams excel. That requires more than basic knowledge. Our PSM I training provides you with the insights and skills to be an authority.

Class Details



Delivery Method

Live Virtual Class
Time Zone: Asia/Kolkata
Start/End Time: 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM


Start: November 4, 2023
End: November 5, 2023

Class Format



Target Agility

Registration & Price

Price: INR 18000

Registration for this class has closed

More Information

This course is appropriate for students in any industry where teams are working to solve complex problems. The Professional Scrum Master course is for:

  • Practitioners that are interested in starting a career as a Scrum Master
  • Scrum Masters, Agile/Scrum Coaches and consultant looking to improve their use of Scrum
  • Anyone involved in product delivery using Scrum


  • Sprint 1 Goal: Introduction: Tool, Ourselves, Complexity, Empiricism, Agile Manifesto, Scrum Framework

  • Sprint 2 Goal: Accountabilities: Scrum Master, Product Owner, Developers

  • Sprint 3 Goal: Events & Artifacts: Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review, Sprint Retrospective

  • Sprint 4 Goal: Exam orientation: Practice quizzes, way forward toward exam and beyond

PSM I Trainer

Anand Pandey, PST provides a hands-on, activity-based learning experience and lets participants explore real-world challenges to help students apply what they learn in their roles once back at work.

PSM I Certification

The PSM I exam (plus one retake) and certificate are included in the training. The exam is taken online at your moment of choice. Please note, only if you take the exam within two weeks of completing the training will you receive a free second chance. After passing the PSM I exam, you will:

  • receive a Professional Scrum Master certificate.
  • become a lifelong member of the community.
  • be included in the global Professional Scrum Master database.
  • receive a 40% discount on the PSM II exam.