Professional Scrum Master London, Mar 2-3, 2020


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Professional Scrum Master Training - Accelerated Agile Learning

The training we offer at Fractal Systems is unique. 

We are committed to helping you rapidly acquire the Agile and Scrum knowledge and skills you need to take back to your team.

As we still operate an active consultancy, we are at the front-line of applying Agile practices day-in, day-out. This puts us in a great position to train others.

We believe that a practical, hands-on approach is best, and wherever possible we use real-life scenarios to demonstrate and practice skills. 

The course consists of 2-days of intensive training and practice. 

By the end you’ll be able to:

  • Empower your team to greater efficiency and productivity
  • Use the principles of “servant-leadership” to get the best out of others
  • Apply Scrum principles straight away to improve project outcomes
  • Solve problems collaboratively and manage complexity
  • Apply your Scrum mastery to almost any situation that involves teamwork.

Our course is delivered in a clear, easy-to-follow way that encourages deep-learning. The course facilitator is a fully-certified Professional Scrum Trainer, who provides support and guidance along the way.

We will also offer ongoing support after the course has finished, so you won’t feel adrift once you complete it. We’ll help you to implement and sustain Scrum in your workplace.

Our Mission

We want you to walk away with deep knowledge of Scrum and a toolkit of powerful skills to begin using as soon as you return to work. 

In the 2 days of accredited training, we’ll impart everything you need to be a Scrum Master and get up and running with Agile practices. Our training comes directly from our experience of Agile working, and everything we teach comes with practical tips and advice. 

What You’ll Get

  • 2 days of in-depth and actionable training to empower you with Scrum mastery
  • You’ll be assisted by a fully-qualified Professional Scrum trainer.
  • All training materials provided in a printed and bound format to take away.
  • Refreshments, breakfast and lunch provided on-site.
  • Free invitation for the PSM assessment on
  • Free lifetime membership of upon passing PSM assessment
  • Your name listed on upon passing PSM assessment
  • Certification with industry-recognised PSM logo to prove your achievement.
  • 14 Project Management Institute (PMI) PDU credits upon course completion.

Am I Ready to Become a Scrum Master?

The great thing about this course is that you don’t need any prior knowledge. It helps if you have completed the Professional Scrum Fundamentals (PSF) training, but it’s not a prerequisite. 

All you need is the desire to become a Scrum master and learn and apply Agile principles.

The training is structured in such a way that it will take you step-by-step through acquiring Scrum mastery. The course includes:

  • In-depth discovery of Scrum theory and principles
  • Mastering the Scrum framework
  • The definition of “done”
  • Running a Scrum project - the practical aspects
  • Working with teams - develop collaboration and interpersonal skills
  • Developing Scrum in your organisation
  • The role of the Scrum master - what’s expected of you upon completion.

Price: GBP 950

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London, United Kingdom


Mar 2, 2020
Mar 3, 2020

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Language: English


Jay is a passionate Agilist with deep industry knowledge, gained through over 20 years of working on the front line with teams and leaders across a variety of business environments, including the software development and financial sectors.

Teaching through active, experience-based sessions, using techniques from 'Training from the back of the room', Liberating Structures and NLP, Jay provides rapid learning that gets the ideas in the muscle. 

With an approach designed to help trainees understand where they are within a teams maturity cycle, they then learn to make the right moves to ensure that the team performance improves dramatically and measurably. Those attending Jay’s courses walk away with far more than just a certification, they understand how to use what they know with the right timing to help their clients perform.

Jay’s vision is to assist institutions in empowering their mission-critical teams across many sectors and to facilitate their journey to agility through both people and process development. 

As an active consultant, Jay specialises in business transformations through training, mentoring, coaching and consulting with business leaders and teams to consistently deliver success through close collaboration. His clients reach beyond the IT sector and have included market leaders such as Fidelity Investments, Deutsche Bank, Reuters, Cazenove Capital and Schroders Investment Management.


What Our Clients Have to Say

“I have had the great fortune of having Jay's expertise and advice available to me on multiple levels at Schroders. I went on his excellent PSM training course and he has also offered me practical and astute advice on how to improve as a team coach. When I mention to people that Jay also offered me assistance as a mentor, those that have worked with him say things like "he was awesome to work with". I always wholeheartedly agree with them.”

Ben Reynolds, Team Coach & Facilitator

“Jay is an exceptional Agile coach and trainer of the highest calibre. I had the pleasure of being instructed by him for a Product Ownership course and he exudes passion in everything he does. His training sessions were highly focused, interactive and collaborative. Jay took the time to make sure we actually learned the theory and challenged us to apply it in our project. Far removed from the usual training methods of rushing through textbooks to pass an exam!”

Prabhjit Bhinder, Business Analyst
Legal & General Investment Management America

“Recently completed a fantastic Scrum Master Course and now officially certified, but I cannot stress how supportive Jay and team have been through this process, he has a unique teaching "collaborative "style which just works. PSMI is truly a great skill to acquire and looking forward to my Agile journey now :)”

Amanda Hilaire, Lead PMO Consultant for Regulatory Enterprise Change Schroders

I attended the PSM1 Scrum Master course run by Jay. It was very interactive and fun. We talked through many real life scenarios, so didn’t just learn the theory. Jay is a great motivator and keeps you on your toes. He gave our group lots of confidence so when the exam was upon us it was a walk in the park!

Lena Touqan, Project/Change Manager at Schroders

Excellent trainer/coach able to combine instruction, practical exercises - give you the knowledge to pass an exam AND have fun. I walked away with not only a certification but the confidence to apply what I had learned to my role in the workplace. Highly recommended.

Karen Faulder, Global Programme Lead at Schroders

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After successful completion of the course, you'll be invited to sit the PSM I assessment. A successful pass means you’re able to confidently run Scrum projects, develop teams and enable the implementation and growth of Agile working practices.

Begin Your Journey to Scrum Mastery

There are many benefits to be had by mastering Scrum:

  • Increased efficiency, productivity and creativity
  • Highly collaborative and innovative teams
  • Career enhancement and personal development
  • Increased job opportunities

The list could go on and on.

If you want to get Agile and master the most popular framework in the world, sign up now using the link below.

If you have any further questions you can email us on or fill up the contact form on our website


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