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Professional Scrum Product Owner

Live Virtual Class, September 1-2, 2022

Class Overview



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The Professional Scrum Product Owner training course is a two-day course leading to the PSPO I certification. It allows experienced practitioners to consolidate their knowledge, learn advanced techniques, and share their experiences in leading their products. Having tightened up understanding of core scrum principles and empirical process control, delegates will learn how to evaluate product feasibility, create and evaluate business models, define value, and make effective release plans.

Attending this training includes up to two free attempt at the PSPO I assessment, leading to an industry-recognised certification.

Course Content

Agile Product Management

Delegates explore the traditional practice of product management and how an agile approach can provide a competitive advantage. Rather than success being defined up front in terms of time, scope and budget; we highlight the aim of agile product management: optimising the value of the product at the point of delivery. The case study project spanning the whole class is initiated as delegates chose a seed of an idea for a new product (or use their own real-life products). To establish the feasibility of the idea, teams will create a business model and vision.

Value Driven Development

The primary job of a product owner is to optimise the value of their product, but value is a subjective measure. Delegates discuss what value means for their organisations and learn a range of techniques to help them maximise the value created by development teams:

  • How to assess the current value of a product.
  • Measuring and influencing the cost and lead time required to get an idea to market.
  • Improving innovation rates by managing technical overheads and customer usage.

Scrum Framework, Theory and Empiricism

Delegates explore the nature of software and the effect of uncertainty in planning and release management. Scrum is defined as an empirical process of regular inspection and adaption, and we see how product owners can use it as a risk management strategy by frequently refining an imperfect plan rather than seeking to anticipate every variable.

We define and describe the Scrum framework core elements and relate them back to agile principles and empiricism. Having defined the framework within which agile product management may be achieved, delegates apply this to a number of product delivery scenarios such as re-writing legacy applications with new technology.

Product Backlog Management and Release Planning

Delegates learn industry standard practices for effective product backlog management:

  • Reducing waste by analysing items to the level of detail required at the time.
  • User stories and acceptance criteria as options for expressing requirements.
  • Product initiation workshop techniques including user story mapping and story point estimation.

Delegates will create a product backlog, and then work out “when will it be done, and what will be in scope”. We’ll explore how this release plan with projected costs is likely to evolve and how it may be planned and revised:

  • Release strategies; from infrequent major releases to small, functional releases.
  • Forecasting release dates using velocity.
  • Date-driven vs feature-driven planning.

Professional Scrum Product Owner Outcomes

Delegates will leave with a comprehensive understanding of the practices and accountabilities of the product owner role, and will know how to get started in fulfilling it. Experienced product owners will leave with renewed confidence, and a collection of new techniques to try.

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Delivery Method

Live Virtual Class
Time Zone: Europe/London
Start/End Time: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Start: September 1, 2022
End: September 2, 2022

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Agility in Mind

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Price: GBP 723

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More Information

Your Professional Scrum TrainerProfessional Scrum Master Trainer London - Paul Grew

Paul leads the coaching practice at Agility in Mind as well as providing hands-on coaching and training to several clients, such as BBC, Dyson and RS components. Paul’s coaching is deep-rooted in his passion as a 2nd Dan black belt martial arts instructor, having discovered the secrets of successful martial arts equally apply to agile teams: focus on the basics; train hard and constantly strive for improvement.

Paul started his career as a software developer in applying intelligent algorithms to navy aircraft carriers and satellite command and control systems. He later worked in various leadership positions from scrum master, software development manager, programme director and further broadened his domain experience in the telecoms and pharmaceutical industries.

Paul has been working with Scrum since 2003.

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