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Due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we have paused all purchases and training in and from Russia.

Professional Scrum Product Owner

Live Virtual Class, November 7-10, 2022

Class Overview

The Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) is delivered as a flipped learning experience divided into learning blocks, each with presentations and lectures in the form of videos, reading material, and writing activities that are provided for self-study complemented by 1/2 day live virtual sessions delivered online using Microsoft Teams and Mural.

The Professional Scrum Product Owner is a hands-on, activity-based course where students explore Professional Scrum and develop an understanding of the Product Owner’s critical role on the Scrum Team. Being a professional Product Owner encompasses more than writing requirements or managing a Product Backlog. Product Owners need to have a concrete understanding of all product management aspects, including but not limited to product ownership, that drives value from their products.

Being a Product Owner is a key position that sets the tone for product leadership and the definition of success in the organization. As a Product Owner, modern product management practices and mindsets are expected to be put into practice daily. The Product Owner is accountable for and has the authority to maximize the value of the product and the effectiveness of the Product Backlog.

Our training is delivered as an interactive, activity-based course over half-day sessions using Microsoft Teams, and Mural. Throughout the class, students learn several Product Ownership practices that they can use once they leave the classroom while also receiving an introduction to Agile Product Management. Between sessions, we provide additional reading, writing, and watching activities to maximise the learning opportunities and complement the classroom experience.

  • Session 1: Agile Product Management
  • Session 2: The Scrum Framework
  • Session 3: Value-driven Development
  • Session 4: Product Backlog Management & Releases

After the conclusion of the class, we provide access to a community of peers and continued access to the trainer through office hours, quarterly catchups, and constant engagement. All students are given a password to take the PSPO1 assessment to maximise validated learning. If they take it within 14 days and are unsuccessful, they will be granted a second attempt.

As part of our validated learning experience, we provide a 30-minute learning review, a one-hour coaching session, and access to future courses at a 30% discount on future classes.

Learning Experience

Discounts & Concessions

Dynamic Prices based on your part of the world!

  • Primary Market Ticket £1087- This ticket is for residents of Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States

  • Secondary Market Ticket £815 - Tickets for all countries not listed as primary. You may be asked for evidence of residence after processing.

  • Tertiary Market Ticket £543 - This ticket is for residents of African countries. You may be asked for evidence of residence after processing.


More Information

 Why Us?

naked Agility Limited is a professional company, registered in Scotland, that offers training, coaching, mentoring, and facilitation to help people and teams evolve, integrate, and continuously improve.

We recognise the positive impact that a happy AND motivated workforce, that has purpose, has on client experience. We help change mindsets towards a people-first culture where everyone encourages others to learn and grow. The resulting divergent thinking leads to many different ideas and opportunities for the success of the organisation.

Our Core beliefs

Courage | Commitment | Focus | Respect | Openness

We believe that every organisation deserves usable software on a regular cadence that delivers the highest possible value. Organisations are complex systems. They evolve over time and the current ways of working are a result of this evolution. We help an entire organization focus on value delivery and agree to new norms. 

By reducing bureaucracy and command and control management, we believe that everyone will take responsibility for achieving the organisation’s goals. Our tailored blend of training, coaching and mentoring, gives people the opportunity to learn and develop, making the organisation, and its clients, successful.

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What We Do

On an evolution towards agility and becoming a great organisation, it is your people that will determine your success. We help the entire organisation agree on methods, goals and cultural values that will enable you to adopt a product-first approach.

We have learned from the success and failure of different organisations and their experiences of introducing an agile mindset. We want to help you transition to a world within which you can delight your clients.

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Our Customers

  • 2021 – Genus Breeding Ltd, CR2, Cognizant Microsoft Business Group (MBG), Royal Air Force
  • 2020 – Jack Links, New Signature, Workday, Department of Work and Pensions (UK), Lean SA,, Qualco
  • 2019 – Brandes Investment Partners L.P., Capita Secure Information Solutions Ltd, Schlumberger
  • Past – Brandes Investment Partners L.P., Capita Secure Information Solutions Ltd, Schlumberger, Hubtel Ghana, NIT A/S, Xceptor – Process and Data Automation, Alignment Healthcare, Akaditi, Ghana Police Service, Healthgrades, Slaughter and May, SuperControl, Trayport, Slicedbread, Microsoft, MacDonald Humfrey (Automation) Ltd., Kongsberg Maritime, Higher Education Statistics Agency, Graham & Brown, Freadom, Flowmaster (a Mentor Graphics Company), Emerson Process Management, DFDS, Nottingham County Council, Boxit Document Solutions, Bistech, Big Data for Humans, ALS Life Sciences, Lockhead Martin, ProgramUtvikling, Teleplan, Rabobank International, Lockheed Martin, Ericson, Deliotte, Washington Department of Transport, Sage, Milliman, Philips, Illumina, Boeing, Washington Department of Enterprise Services, New Hampshire Supreme Court

About your Trainer

Martin Hinshelwood is a Professional Scrum TrainerProfessional Kanban Trainer, and Microsoft MVP: GitHub & Azure DevOps. He has been Consulting, Coaching, and Training in DevOps & Agility since 2010 and has been delivering software since 2000.

Since 2008 Martin has helped many organisations and has trained 1000+ people in 37 countries around the world. He is based in Scotland & Mexico and offers Scrum training courses with certification all over the world. He trains and coaches Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Developers and organisations in their evolution towards business agility. In the pursuit of business agility for the many organisations that Martin has recently been working with:

Martin can provide private onsite training for your company anywhere in the world.

Learning Experience

All of our classes are packed full of content and valuable learning outcomes.

Flipped Learning Experience

Flipped learning is an alternative format that moves some or all of the learning of theory away from the classroom, and reflecting and practising is done in the class (hence the name “Flipped Learning”).

Benefits of flipped learning

  • Consuming content in smaller iterations helps learning stick
  • Multiple reflection cycles make the practical application of learning more impactful
  • Variations of learning environment cater better for personal learning styles
  • Continued access to learning materials

Flipped Learning Experience Overview

This class comes with 16 hours of live virtual classroom experience. The course content is divided into learning blocks, each with presentations and lectures in the form of videos, reading material, and writing activities that are provided for self-study complemented by 1/2 day live virtual sessions delivered online using Microsoft Teams and Mural. These live interactive workshops create a dynamic and interactive environment where we dive into the core concepts of Product Owner stances through group activities, interactions, and sharing experiences, all with the guidance of an expert Professional Scrum Trainer.

Obtaining new knowledge through self-study materials along with having an in-depth, rich engagement in a class allows students to enjoy learning that sticks. Students will complete the course ready to take the globally recognised Professional Scrum Product Owner II certification exam which is included in the course fee.

Student will leave this course with an application for Professional Scrum.


  • Computer – Your computer will need to be fast enough to run both Microsoft Teams and Mural. We recommend 2 monitors so that you can see everyone and the work easily.
  • Webcam – Please consider your staging and presence; what others see when you are on video. Try to avoid backlighting that renders you in shadow, the up-nostril, the baldie, or the half-head. 80% of human communication comes from body language and other visual queues. Consider your camera angles and try to have a view that is as close to what you would expect in person across a table.
  • Internet – We recommend a strong internet to support high fidelity video both from you and with us.

Supporting people with disabilities

We do our best to support people with disabilities. Please ask us about what we can do. Closed Captioning – For persons who are deaf or hard-of-hearing, live captions allow to see what others are saying. Class Recording – A meeting recording can be helpful for people with cognitive difficulties, for example. You can go through the recording at your own pace as well as go back to double-check anything you might have missed.

The League of Extraordinary Lean-Agile Practitioners

We are providing a Lean-Agile Community in Mighty Networks that anyone can join and participate in the conversations. If you attend a class with us you will get access to additional extraordinary content.

1-hour Coaching Session

Every student gets a 1-hour complimentery remote Coaching Session with your trainer, worth £200, to help you integrate concepts into your context (at a mutually agreeable time following the course)

Use it for a 1on1 session, a group session with your team, or a chat with your leadership. 

Learning Review

Regardless of the outcome of your assessment, you get additional 1-on-1 help to focus your learning in the form of a 30 Minute Assessment Review worth £100

Discounts & Concessions

Alumni Discount of 30%

Have you been through a class with us before? As an Alumni you get a 30% discount on all of our classes.

The Alimni discount for this class would bring it down to £892

Combine with our generous 20% Credit per Referral program.

Under / un-employed Program

Are you underemployed? Our Retraining Program provides favourable payment plans for those not currently working.
Pay a 30% deposit of £382 now, and the rest when you are working.

Unlimited Reruns for 70% discount

Reruns allow you to participate in a class that you have already taken for any reason at a low cost.

Have you participated in this class with us or an equivalent from another vendor? We are intent on enabling your continuous learning so we offer you a Rerun discount of 70% to take it again with our trainers.

The Rerun discount for this class would bring it down to £382. Contact us with proof of participation in a previous class to claim your discount.

For classes from another trainer please provide your Profile URL showing that associated class. For Scrum Alliance, you will need to provide a receipt. Not sure? Contact us for a chat.

20% Credit per Referral

Our Advocates Program allows you to gain 20% for each referral* as a credit towards future classes! This is a cash equivelent so can be added to any other discount.

*up to £255, depending on purchase region, per referal

Combine with other coupons and discounts, like the Alumni Discount of 30%

Supporting the World with Dynamic Pricing

We want to support the world and provide access to our class for everyone regardless of their socioeconomic region, or corporate status. Based on your socioeconomic region around the world you can get a rate for our services that meets your needs.

This applies to both corporate and consumer rates.

 Public training in GBP for 2 Days Advanced training class delivered remotely over Microsoft Teams and Mural.

  • Primary Market – Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States.
  • Secondary Market – All countries not listed as primary.
  • Tertiary Market – Africa & India.
  • Charity/Non-Profit Market – If your organiastion is a registered charity or a non-profit then please get in touch.

Use the market selector on this page to select your market based on the table above. The default is “Primary”.




All of our training is delivered online using Microsoft Teams and Mural.