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The Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) course is a 2-day course on how to maximize the value of software products and systems. Product Owners need to have concrete understanding of everything that drives value from their products where students learn through instruction and team-based exercises. 

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Responsive Advisors is committed to a holistic approach to agility and Scrum. Robert Pieper, a Professional Scrum Trainer with, is the founder and Principal Consultant of Responsive Advisors. Learn more about what makes Responsive Advisors Agile Training great. 

  • Our advisors help make Scrum stick by fully explaining the “why” behind Scrum (we don't just throw charts and graphs at you). 
  • We have deep and broad industry experience and can uniquely apply it to real-world problems.
  • We address the sticky issues of interpersonal communication and team dynamics. We find that many Scrum problems are actually people problems.
  • We know how to communicate difficult-to-grasp agile concepts to technical and non-technical audiences alike.

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New York, United States


Oct 31, 2019
Nov 1, 2019

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The Professional Scrum Product Owner course is targeted to Product Owners and anyone else accountable for maximizing the value delivered by software products and services.

Scrum Masters benefit from this course as their role often includes coaching Product Owners.

Students develop and solidify this understanding through instruction and team-based exercises. The breadth of the role's responsibilities in delivering a successful product becomes clear from an Agile perspective on product management. Metrics are identified to track the creation of value and the successful delivery of it to the marketplace. This defines the perspective from which the role of the Product Owner in the Scrum framework is taught.

Learn More about Responsive Advisors Product Owner training and certification. 


Robert Pieper is the founder and Principal Consultant of Responsive Advisors. Robb’s developed a strong ability to communicate difficult-to-grasp ideas in his long career in software development and client facing roles. Check out one his popular talks, "Agile Transformations: Common Challenges and Solutions" given at a recent meetup in Chicago. 

Jordan loves sharing about agility and Scrum both in and out of the classroom. Check out one of Jordan's recent videos that addresses the often asked question, "How many Scrum teams should I be on?"


"Jordan was able to give me the holistic view of Scrum that I was missing even after working with it for years and having attended other training. I left the class excited and confident in my abilities, which is something that I can’t say that I’ve often experienced after a training class. I suppose the truest endorsement of the progress I made was finally having the confidence to take the PSM-II, which I passed with a 92%. If I wind up conquering the PSM-III, I know I’ll have Jordan to thank.” - David de Corlieu

"Jordan did an excellent job covering both the theory and practical aspects of the Scrum approach to software development. In particular, the examples and attending discussion were invaluable in gaining some 'practical' experience with applying the theory in a non threatening, non jeopardy environment. I would (and probably will) happily sign up for another class with Jordan again." - Chris Jachcinski

"Thank you again for a great class last week!  I came back excited to share what I'd learned with the rest of the company - I'd argue that's not something that can't be said for most classes. Loved the small class size and open communication. Would definitely recommend to others at my organization." - PSM student

“Busting some of the myths of what is and isn’t scrum was helpful. Lots of good guidance on how to maximize our use of scrum. Good clarification on the purpose of many of the scrum concepts.” - PSM student

"A good balance between theory and examples vague enough to elicit great discussion and interactions, but relevant enough to get concrete knowledge to take home.” - PSM student


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