Professional Scrum with User Experience Live Virtual Class, Oct 13-15, 2021


Course Overview

Due to COVID-19, this class will be held virtually.

What's up awesome people! Thanks for your interest in joining us in this Virtual Class Instructor Lead Professional Scrum with UX class. Wow that is quite a mouthful isn't it? :)

Anyway, due to the current condition out there, many of us are forced by the situation to do many of our activities at home. Many people have requested me to facilitate a Professional Scrum with UX class virtually. So in this class I will deliver a standard PSU material but I have adapted for online delivery so the value of collaborative learning is still optimal. I am here to support your learning journey to integrate UX process into Scrum.

What makes this class different to offline PSU training?

  • The class will be facilitated in three days starting from Tuesday - Thursday.
  • But we will not spend the whole 8 hours in front of our monitor. That is going to be tiring for sure. So the schedule will be from 08:00-12:30 GMT+10. Please take note of the timezone.
  • We will also have some ad-hoc short breaks to stretch our body for 10 minutes depending on the group agreement. We will have a 30 minutes break in between the class as some of our friends in New Zealand need to have lunch.
  • This class is limited to 10 participants so that all of us will get optimal learning out of it. I want to ensure that each and one of you are engaged throughout the course.

What I promise you

  • Even though this is a virtual training, this will not be a training where I will be talking most of the time presenting a powerpoint slide like you see in most online trainings in the market. In fact, I do not have powerpoint slide at all in this class. Curious?
  • Two way discussions and maximising collective intelligence. Yes, I will make you busy throughout the three days course. There will be many group exercises. You will be doing most of the talking rather than me.
  • Practical experience and knowledge from me. You can pick my brain. I have been a Professional Scrum Trainer for almost a decade and I have worked with many teams remotely from South East Asia and still am. You will not get this with online trainings from Pluralsight, Udemy or Coursera.
  • The most awesome quality virtual training. I have invested in the best hardware and software found in the market to ensure that everyone who will be participating will get the best experience from this virtual class. I believe in professionalism.
  • The learning still continues after the class is over. We will still connect and support with each other not only to get through the current situation but also to be an awesome UX professional via Slack. 

What now?

  1. If you are interested in joining us in this awesome virtual training experience, please register yourself using the registration form.
  2. I will then send you the link to make a payment using credit card.
  3. Once you have made the payment, I will then send you the confirmation e-mail confirming your slot for the class.
  4. You will be invited to join the class Slack group so that I can brief you and other participants about the tools that will be used during the training and also some videos you need to watch prior to attending the class so that you can be prepared.

I hope this is clear enough explanation for you. But feel free to contact me if there are anything missing or if there are things that makes you doubtful or concerned. Looking forward to interact with you in one of my virtual classes. Stay safe and stay healthy.

    Price: AUD 895

    Course Details


    Live Virtual Class
    8:00 AM - 12:30 PM


    Oct 13, 2021
    Oct 15, 2021

    More Information

    Language: English

    • This is a 3-day, fast-paced hands-on workshop for people who know something about Scrum, but want to understand how to integrate modern UX practices.

    • Design work sometimes feels slow, and not well suited to quick agile cadences and Scrum events. Learn UX techniques that fit beautifully into Scrum, and practice these techniques with a crossfunctional team in class.

      • If you’re a Scrum Master or Product Owner: you already know the power of self-organizing cross-functional teams. Come see how to integrate the UX specialty into that mix. Help your Dev team learn about the customer, plan learning/discovery/design work, and still deliver Done Product each Sprint.

    • For people who know UX, you’ll learn how to work more effectively inside Scrum, managing your work in Sprints and visualizing it in the Product Backlog. Sometimes, working in agile contexts feels painful: it can feel technology or process-centric, not user-centric. Learn how to lead your cross-functional team in discovery work and align your team’s work around learning and delivering value to your users. 

    • For everyone who works on a product team (engineers, product managers, etc): technology teams work better when they’re collaborating across disciplines and specialties. But different priorities, types of work, and the specific working rhythms of each discipline can create silos on teams and inside organizations. Learn how to use the Scrum framework and UX techniques to align your team, focus on value, and foster collaboration.


    What you will learn:

    • Students will learn some lean UX techniques as described in the book, Lean UX, and how to work most effectively with Scrum Teams. 
    • In addition, you will learn practical tools and practices to best work with customers and their feedback to deliver higher value in the customer's eyes with Scrum Teams while maintaining Scrum practice intact. 
    • How do you reconcile UX work with Scrum essentials like the definition of done, backlog prioritization and delivering done increments every sprint
    • Design work often extends beyond one sprint, you will learn how to handle this type of work in a Scrum-compliant way
    • Who does the UX work? Just designers? Someone else?
    • What is dual-track agile and how does it work in practice?

    The purpose of this class is to bring together UX, design and the Scrum process in a unified way that doesn’t relegate designers to part-time members of the team but rather full time, collaborative partners.

    This is a certified course from and each student will have the opportunity to take the PSU I assessment and gain their certification after the course is completed.


    Live Virtual via Zoom

    Time: 08:00 AM - 12.30 PM GMT+10

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    Agility Path Pty Ltd