Agile Australia

Sydney Australia

Feed your curiosity, stimulate your imagination, and challenge your assumptions at Agile Australia 2017.

Delve into the complexities, challenges, and opportunities for leading a learning enterprise. The ninth annual Agile Australia conference will unite 1200 passionate people and curious minds over two exciting days to discover strategies, tools and frameworks that will refresh your way of thinking.

Attend Agile Australia 2017 to learn about innovation; better understand your customer; discover the latest thinking around Lean and DevOps; find out how to ‘unlearn’ for learning; explore the unknown; stretch your brain with systems and design thinking; hear from Agile leaders; and come away a better leader!

Good leaders know the value of regular reflection, the need for flexibility and change, and the importance of accepting that learning is an ongoing process. Agile Australia 2017 will provide you with ways for your organisation to embrace a continuous learning environment in order to build good products, better businesses, and sustainable, resilient organisations.