DevOn Summit

Dusseldorf Germany

In order to survive in a constantly changing environment in which your customer’s wishes pile up at a rapid pace, high quality software is an absolute must. Realizing a high-quality software organization is the central goal. Therefore we will investigate how you can add more value with your teams by getting software capabilities to a higher level. Subjects such as Code Quality, Test Strategy, Test Driven Development, Test Automation, Continuous Integration/Delivery, End-to-End Testing, Continuous Delivery @ Scale and Security will have the main focus and will be discussed thoroughly.

During this DevOn Summit, several prominent speakers will share their insights and experiences and you will get the opportunity to share your experiences, learn from experts and enlarge your network. After all, organizations are required to use the full potential of their software to evolve into Responsive Enterprises. The Summit also provides several Round Table sessions about present subjects such as Value Steering and gives the opportunity to attend technical workshops.