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Flipped Learning Overview

Learn at your own pace to gain a deeper understanding

A New Learning Experience from

All courses are centered around valuable learning outcomes, achieved through experiential learning within a classroom environment. They are most often delivered as intense 2-day experiences.

Flipped Learning is an alternative format that allows students the flexibility of learning at their own pace, while reflecting and practicing is done together in the class (hence the name, "Flipped Learning"). 

What Is Flipped Learning?

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Flipped Learning is a format that is already used in universities, schools, and other classroom learning environments. The Flipped Learning Network (FLN) defines it as, “...a pedagogical approach in which direct instruction moves from the group learning space to the individual learning space, and the resulting group space is transformed into a dynamic, interactive learning environment where the educator guides students as they apply concepts and engage creatively in the subject matter.”

If you grew up in traditional classrooms where educators lectured and students practiced what they learned through homework, Flipped Learning is the opposite. More simply, think of it as “school work at home and home work at school” (FLN).

Benefits of Flipped Learning

  • Consuming content in small iterations helps learning stick
  • Multiple reflection cycles makes the practical application of learning more impactful
  • Variations of learning environments cater better for personal learning styles
  • Lifetime access to all study materials.

What Do You Get With a Flipped Learning Class?

  • Four* half-day interactive group class sessions guided by a Professional Scrum Trainer (PST)
  • Opportunity to attempt a Professional Scrum assessment
  • Self-study materials:
    • 8 hours of video material
    • 6 quizzes
    • Reading materials

*The number of sessions, schedule, and cadence can vary, however, the course content does not. 

Who Is Flipped Learning For?

Studying concepts and theory outside of the classroom is core to the concept. Participants should be prepared and committed to spending a few hours on their own time between classroom sessions consuming the self-study materials. If you do not have this opportunity while participating in the class, you should consider attending a traditional class

Flipped Learning is an extension to our existing course offerings, not a replacement. We believe that learners have preferences and unique situations, to which we intend to offer greater variety in course delivery methods to meet these needs. The below characteristics of learners are generalized and intended to help guide you towards the learning method you think might suit you best.

Learners who register for a Flipped Learning experience:

  • Are committed to take control of their learning and are willing to put in the effort for self-study.
  • Find it easier to fit a half-day classroom session once a week into their schedule and be flexible with self-study time.
  • Value the opportunity to deeply engage with new concepts and ask questions.
  • Prefer to learn through reading and watching videos at their own pace.
  • Enjoy the flexibility and opportunities for reflection provided by a Flipped Learning experience.

Learners who register for a traditional course:

  • Are committed to taking ownership of their learning experience which is dependent on full and active participation over a short period of time.
  • Find it easier to fully focus on the class and learning for two consecutive days.
  • Prefer to learn as much as possible in a condensed time-frame.
  • Learn best through discussions and conversations with their peers and instructor.
  • Want to gain a broad understanding of the subject and use it as a foundation for further independent learning.

Learn More

Visit the Professional Scrum Master™ overview page to view an example agenda.

Flipped Learning classes are available for the Professional Scrum Master™ course. Contact us to request a Flipped Learning class for your organization.