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PSD exam content

Last post 05:15 pm October 7, 2021 by Scott Anthony Keatinge
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03:07 am August 21, 2017

When you do an exam you receive the summary results by email with "Summary of Results By Section" and "Section/Subject Area"

Can someone please share the subject areas for the PSD exame?

Thanks in advance.

04:01 pm August 21, 2017

Hi Paulo.

I recently attempted the PSD I assessment. Here is an image of the PSD "Section/Subject Area" I received in the PSD I post-assessment results list. Hope it helps :-)

PSD Sections

04:48 pm August 21, 2017

Thanks, this is what I was looking for.

09:17 pm March 2, 2018

Hi Lord Gelgameck  -  I recently attempted PSD I but scored just 78%. I already passed PSMI; so based on some guidance in internet, Began  with  the repeatedly took scrum open and scrum developer open; I was consistently getting 100%. when I appeared in exam, many question were totally in different pattern. here is the summary of the results. do you've any suggestion for me on how to drill this down to crack PSDI?


Summary of Results By Section

The questions in this test were organized by section. This table details a summary of scores by section.

Section/Subject Area

Percentage Scored

Scrum Framework - Rules and roles of Scrum per the Scrum Guide.


Scrum Theory and Principles - Good understanding of Scrum theory, how it is founded on empirical theory, and the principles and values of Scrum.


Analysis - Modern practices for a Development Team to best interpret user needs so that they are most transparent with the least waste possible.  


Cross-functional, self-organizing Teams - Scrum Teams are different from traditional development groups. The paradigm and nature of a cross-functional and self-organizing team promotes flexibility, creativity, and productivity. They choose how to best do their work and have all competencies needed to accomplish it without depending on others outside of the team.


Cross-functional, self-organized Development - Self-organization within the Development team fosters collaboration and increases commitment, feeling of ownership and creativity. The Development team makes all decisions on how to do the work that it has forecast it could complete.


Design & Architecture - Technical approaches to developing software architecture and design that a Development Team must do in order to deliver business value in the form of working software every Sprint.


Documentation / Persistence - Documentation makes information persistent. Documentation is incrementally maintained, and is a development activity.


Quality - As part of incremental development, Scrum puts quality before scope. This requires transparent agreements and standards.


Test First Development - Development approach of thinking through requirements before writing functional code in order to consider work in terms of how it will be tested, creating traceability and eliminating waste.


Testing - The ability to deliver shippable software requires testing activities, to be done as part of development.


Programming - Writing high quality code is an art in itself. It requires skills, dedication, mastery and agreed practices.


11:25 am March 4, 2018

Hi dear users! 

How do you think how is important for analysts, developers, testers and other members of Development Team to pass PSD? 

Sorry for maybe stupid question and I really do not want to offend anybody but it's really interesting for me. 

11:07 pm March 6, 2018

Hi Ponnuchamy,

There are a few suggestions I would be happy to offer, which I hope may be of some help:

1. Apologies if you should think this too pedantic, but my first recommendation is to try and reset your mindset a bit. That is, I think the end goal becomes both more valuable and achievable, if you think of it, not in terms of 'cracking the PSD I assessment,' but in terms of learning and expanding your knowledge and understanding in this area (with passing the PSD I, then being a pleasant byproduct).

2. Take some time and effort to familiarize yourself with the terms and the definitions in the Professional Scrum Developer Glossary: &…;

3. I find that when taking the Open assessments, most of which provide the correct answers at the end, AND also do not have an endless pool of available questions, it becomes very possible, whether consciously or subconsciously, for one to essentially memorize and identify the correct answers, once multiple attempts have been made. In effect, one can being consistently scoring 100%, without necessarily learning or understanding the true knowledge being assessed within the questions--and instead, due to memorizing and be being able to identify the correct answer choices. Here's a tip I've provided to my colleagues in the past, which they have reported to have been helpful:

Make some additional attempts at the Developer Open, but when doing so, do not simply select the answer you identify to be correct and then move on. Instead, go through each questions, via this multiple step process: (A) Identify the correct answer choice(s) (B) Ask & explore, 'Can I explain WHY each correct answer choice is a correct answer choice (C) Review the incorrect answer choices (D) Ask & explore, 'Can I explain WHY each incorrect answer choice is an incorrect answer choice. 

If you can't execute through the Developer Open as such, seek out the resources and knowledge needed, in order for you to be able to do so successfully. And repeat this process of assessing and then learning (inspect and adapt) until you can complete through the Developer open, while successfully executing through the process outlined above (and are consistently scoring 100%). This will provide you with a stronger indication that your understanding might be where it needs to be. 

Wishing you luck; and remember that some of the best, and most valuable achievements, are the difficult ones! Scrum on!

06:40 am October 7, 2021

I Prepared my Scrum Professional Scrum Developer PSD Exam within a week with the help of Updated Professional Scrum Developer PSD Practice Test Material. On the Final Exam Day, I Easily Attempted All questions and I Got Success in Scrum PSD exam the First Attempt.

Download Full Practice Exam Material Here:

05:15 pm October 7, 2021

@Kathriane, you must be a very fast reader if it only took you a week to go through the PSD learning path, especially as it includes quite a few books for recommended reading (something that you may not have done perhaps?).  .Kudos. 

One thing though, if you have passed the PSD exam, why isnt it shown on your profile?  Perhaps you completed it right before posting your comment which could explain why it is not showing up yet? 

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