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by Rich Visotcky
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12:12 pm August 30, 2017

Hi Everyone,

I am currently thinking how to apply Personal Maps to my work as Scrum Master/Agile Coach. (see attached picture for an example)
This is a Management 3.0 practice and I see great value in having individual summaries about my colleagues to engage with them as Agile Coach.

But how to engage them? 
1. "Hey, you don't mind mapping you out while we are talking?"
2. "Hey, here's my personal map, can we create one of you together?"
3. Or ... simple summarize the details after having had a conversation?

I tend towards 3. but would like to be able to openly discuss such methods with the coachees. 
So it's a social endeavor ... which is your prefered option? Would you openly talk with your colleagues about it?

Best Regards,


Personal Map example

04:15 pm August 30, 2017

I haven't heard of Personal Maps before, and I really like the idea.  Thanks for sharing an example!

One of the things I have noticed on the teams I've worked with is that people have very different attitudes towards socializing and personal overreach with their work.  Some people are entirely willing to give you their life story and tell you about their kids and spouse, while others prefer to limit what they provide if it's not explicitly related to their job.  I suspect that might come up during an activity like this.

To avoid giving you an "it depends" answer, I'd personally lean towards the second option.  It goes with the management practice of leading by example, and shows your colleagues that you feel it's a valuable enough practice to apply it to yourself.

07:59 pm August 30, 2017

Hey Paul,

Great idea to link Management 3.0 practices with your work leading and coaching Scrum teams!  As a PST here and Management 3.0 facilitator, I too value the symbiotic nature of Scrum and M30.

When I've introduced Personal Maps to teams or in workshops, I usually do one of two things - one is your second example, first introducing mine before mentioning that they will create one as well.  "Hi, I'm Rich!  I'd love to tell you a little bit about myself, but here's my Personal Map.  What on it interests you?  What would you like to know?"  The other is that I do this in reverse.  I don't lock them down into putting down things similar to what I have, but instead ask each person to create a Personal Map by creating a mind map of themselves and all the things they think are important to them in their life.  Then I ask pairs or tables to share their maps, but specificially in the context of asking questions about each other's map to drive conversation.  Then I show my own and let them ask questions of me.  Fair is fair.  =)

If the group is a little shy about opening up personally, this can be a great way to get them to engage more as humans and not just coworkers.

Hope this helps,