Top 5 Metrics for an Agile project

Last post 08:33 pm September 7, 2017
by Ian Mitchell
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11:04 am September 2, 2017


I am a new entry to Agile project management and hence requesting some inputs from the guru's.

What are the top 5 metrics that are to considered for an Agile Srum project other than the Burn down and  velocity.

We are trying to build a dashboard of the key metrics and request  your inputs.

07:58 pm September 5, 2017

Who will be using the dashboard and for what purpose?

07:02 am September 7, 2017

Thanks Ian for your response.

Basically my program manager is in the process of building a dashboard that will be useful for both Enterprise level as well as project level.

He wants those metrics to be useful to me in analyzing the project and team status.

08:33 pm September 7, 2017

Isn't it the Scrum Team which analyzes its own work and status? Aren't they accountable for inspecting and adapting their own process? What tools, beyond burn-down and velocity, do they believe they need?

Progress should be evidenced to other stakeholders, including those at enterprise-level, by the delivery of an integrated, tested, feature-complete, and release-quality increment each and every Sprint. Is that the case in your organization?