PSM-3 certification help

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by André Luís Martins Gomes
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08:14 am September 14, 2017

Hi team,

  Could you please let us know the PSM-3 exam books and materials.I am just going through

Hiren Doshi and guntherverheyen books and blogs.


09:16 am September 15, 2017 provides a list of books recommended for scrummaster certification.

I would personally recommend "succeeding with agile" on top of that.

11:36 pm September 19, 2017

Vinay - Besides experience, what books did you read for your PSM II?  


All the best

01:09 am September 20, 2017

I read "scrum insights for practitioner" writtern by hiren doshi and went through


its really a good one

10:45 pm September 20, 2017

Agreed it is worthy of reading.  I read it on in a day.

07:51 am September 24, 2017


Do anyone have the idea of % marks divided for multiple choice and essay questions approximately in PSM III?


09:31 am September 24, 2017

In my experiences roughly 85-90% of points was to be gained from essay questions

10:25 am September 24, 2017

Thanks Norbert for your information. One more question, how many days it will take to get the final score for PSM-III as I know that essay question will be evaluated manually.

01:24 pm September 24, 2017

about one week

09:37 pm December 15, 2017

Just started studying for the PSM3 assesment. For passing on my PSM2 assesment I already read the Scrum Guide (duh), Scrum Mastery and Software in 30 Days. 

Now, for my PSM3 assesment I[ve already read The Lean Start Up, The New New Product Development Game, A Leader’s Framework for Decision Making and The Five Disfunctions of a Team. After that I`m going to read Agile Retrospectives and Scrum - A Smart Travel Companion. 

Hoping that this will be enough. If you have any futher adivice on how to prepare for this assesment, I`m open to it as well. :) 

01:57 pm December 18, 2017

First of all good luck with your PSM 3 journey. Secodly, what really helped me were the blogs of Ian Mitchell and Gunther Verheyen

08:41 pm March 8, 2018

Thanks for your adivice Nicholas! I`ve passed the PSM3 assesment. :)