Passed PSM1 at 97.5% after failing it at first try

Last post 01:25 am October 7, 2017
by Alice Wong
01:25 am October 7, 2017

I got all the tips at this forum so really want to give back...In short, 

1. Do not wing it :) or under prepared even when you are currently living and breathing scrum.....I tried. It didn't work

2. Obviously, read Scrum guide from times!

3. Do all the open assessments, including PO, DEV and Nexus. 

3. Do practise time Mikhail Lapshin 80 Questions(FREE)

4. The MOST important: purchase the 3 Practice Exams($29) from Management Plaza. I was hesitant but it truly worth the money. I also took the free classes from the site and decided that I know enough about Scrum that I didn't purchase the full course. But I like the classes and I think it explains scrum really well........If you can pass all 3 practise exams with flying colors, then you are ready to conquer PSM1. I thought I got all questions right...but alas, I missed 2. I pressed the wrong button and didn't have the chance to review my marked questions before I submitted. 

Very thankful for this forum.