Agile gadgets recommendations please

Last post 02:04 pm October 11, 2017
by Alison Welsh
02:04 pm October 11, 2017

So basically, we've on boarded a couple of team members that are only onsite 2-3 days a week and we need to have a better way of having their attendance at stand ups and meetings.

At stand ups my laptop mic and speakers can just about cope, but at meetings/workshops everyone is much further away and around a long table so using the laptop is really not great. I have the software, either skype or GoToMeeting, but from a hardware perspective... there are so many options I'd like to know what other SM's have had success (or failures with).

Any recommendations of wireless conference phones/speakers with mic that connect to a laptop, can be daisy chained and I can dot around the room?

Many Thanks. Al