Passed my PSM I exam with 95 % after 1 week of preparation and tips from this forum comments

Last post 08:33 pm October 13, 2017
by sonal pakvasa
08:33 pm October 13, 2017

Happy to share that I passed my PSM I exam with 95% after preparing for 1 week! It took 40 minutes to finish the exam. I didn't mark the questions for review and clicked 'finish and submit' before reviewing the answers else I might have done slightly better. I  would like to share few details and few thank you.

I didn't take any formal class. After reading many helpful comments and suggestions from this forum, I followed following:

Study, study, study and understand It is an excellent source of information and knowledge. Every single sentence has a meaning and information. Not a single wasted word!

Take the assessment offered by Very helpful in knowing where you stand and how much you need to prepare.

I took multiple online practice exams with explanations:

1. Mikhail Lapshin, REALLY GOOD TEST!!! (  (free). Thank you Mikhail.

2. Mplaza (Management Plaza) Training Manual and 3 assessment and practice exams. A note of thanks. Their training material (video tutorials) is very informative and clarifies the concepts. Typically, I am not a fan of video tutorials but this was an exception.  Their 3 practice exams also are very good. Their support staff went out of their way to support my need and make sure that I have immediate access to their training material. (and no, I didn't know or had heard of them until now).

3.Cape Management Inc and paid appx. $10.00.

4. That's it. I continually read, took the practice exams. I learnt and re-learnt what I was getting wrong on the tests. I took each test at least twice; read the scrum guide at least once a day for 1 week. 

Thank you this forum and contributors! With Your comments and recommendations, I made this plan of self study and some purchased practice tests  and it worked!