Professional Scrum Master Certified (PSM I)

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by Dr. Preeti Ramdasi
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06:34 am October 19, 2017

I wanted to share with you my pleasure of being a Professional Scrum Master Certified (PSM I). Thanks for those people who shared their experiences thru the forum.


Usama Zaky

08:11 am October 20, 2017

Hi Usama,

First of all congratulations for getting certified for Professional Scrum Master.

If possible, Can you please share, how did you prepare for this assessment? Just reading the Scrum guide and taking the open assessment, would this be enough for taking this certification?

10:28 am October 20, 2017


Please see a latest discussion about someone who failed the assessment.….

Bottomline is - Just reading the Scrum Guide and clearing the Open Assessments won't be enough.
You need to clearly know some of the tricky knowledge areas behind Scrum - such as, why Scrum Master works in certain way unlike traditional manager? How the Development Team ensures it is self-organized, etc.

My recommendation is what I tell my team - The best resource to understand the Scrum is the book Scrum Narrative and PSM Exam Guide…. It is, in a way 'The Scrum Guide illustrated.'

Scrum On!

11:06 am October 25, 2017

Hi Urvashi,

Thank you and wish you all the best.

Adding to Chenny's points. The SCRUM exam is testing your understanding of four sections as below:-

  1. Scrum Framework - Rules and roles of Scrum per the Scrum Guide.
  2. Scrum Theory and Principles - Good understanding of Scrum theory, how it is founded on empirical theory, and the principles and values of Scrum.
  3. Cross-functional, self-organizing Teams - Scrum Teams are different from traditional development groups. The paradigm and nature of a cross-functional and self-organizing team promotes flexibility, creativity, and productivity. They choose how to best do their work and have all competencies needed to accomplish it without depending on others outside of the team.
  4. Coaching & Facilitation - Overall behavior of Scrum Masters are very different from project managers or team leaders in traditional environments. Scrum Masters are servant-leaders who coach and facilitate teams and organizations in understanding and applying Scrum. Best techniques help teams and organizations discover what works best for them.

Reading the guide only is not the clue but understanding every single line very well. If you failed the exam, inspect your result in the previous four points which are sent to you by SCRUM.ORG and go through the weakness points. At that time you should have an experience of the type of the questions which enables you to investigate deeply to your knowledge. Finally, "NEVER GIVE UP". If you failed 2 times the third you'll do and so on.



Usama Zaky

06:35 am October 26, 2017

Hi all , Sharing my experiences of clearing PSM I on my 1st attempt.

scored 79/80 questions , 98.90% , haven't experienced real scrum in my professional life , as it is all waterfall mode with some "management" driven scrum , not really a scrum.

1. Read scrum guide - 17 page one. 2-3 times.

2. Mastered the management plaza 3 PSM simulation exams with consistent scores above 93-94% on an average.

 3. Tried Mikhail lapshin real mode quiz , until I was getting 97-99% constantly.

4. Did scrum open , Product owner open , developer open , with score as 100% in scrum open , 90% in PO open and 85% in developer open.

gave the exam after 7 days of all this and by God's grace , cleared.

Kind Regards,




04:44 pm July 28, 2020

It is indeed a pleasure to learn Agile and Scrum concepts, values, and the entire framework! The certification truly tests your knowledge and experience of implementing agile and practicing Scrum.

Thanks to all those who have trained me, I am PSM I Certified now  :)  !!!