want to know more about PSM training

Last post 04:59 pm October 26, 2017
by Jenny Fu
04:59 pm October 26, 2017


I recently passed PSM I exam with good grade without attending a class.  Thanks for the useful advice from this community.  I am preparing for PSM II and want to take a 2-day class in NYC.  

I have some basic idea what the class will cover from this website, and I want to know how the class will better prepared me for PSM II.  Some of the questions that I have 

1) how to choose an instructor? 

2) what topics the class covers? 

3) for those who have taken the class and passed PSM II, what do you find the most useful information that help you pass the test? 

4) Are there other supporting materials that I can use? Is Scrum Pocket Guide book needed? 

Other advice that can help me pass the exam is really appreciated.