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by Maruti Devi Nelluri
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07:48 am October 30, 2017

Hi All

Cleared the PSM II certification on 28th Oct ( scored 89% ) and thought of sharing my experience with other PSM II aspirants. 

I passed PSM I last december and since then PSM II was in my radar. After going through couple of threads in the forums i soon realized that PSM II not only expects us to demonstrate an advanced working of scrum roles/ rules/ events etc but it sort of validates your real time scrum experience. My real life scrum experience  helped me in understanding what is being "actually" asked in the question and what is expected as an outcome from SM or PO. 

Anyways i am sure there will be many PSM II aspirants out there and this is what i can share from my experience - 


1.  PSM II stresses more on - Coaching, facilitation, Understanding of Backlog ( how to maximize value) , Scrum Team as Cross functional and Self organizing teams

2.  PSM II expects you to have exposure to Scaling Scrum ( Nexus ) 

3. Materials/ Books i would recommend ( All are part of PSM II recommended Subject Areas as well ) 

     ==> Scrum Guide and Nexus Guide - If you are PSM I and SPS holder pls refresh your fundamentals again. Unlike PSM I questions in PSM II will not be directive but will be situational e.g. scrum events/ values applied to a situation etc. 

     ==> Scrum Pocket Guide from Gunther is a must. It explains lot of concepts in limited pages so needs to re-read this again and again. 

     ==> Scrum Mastery - Geoff Watts - What i like here is lot of examples which excites your brain cells to think in every direction  

     ==> User Applied Stories/ Agile Estimating and Planning by Mike Cohen - Fundamentals explained with lot of examples and summary part after each chapter is something helps you in revision  

     ==> Coaching Agile Teams by Lyssa  - Helped me in understanding what it takes to be agile coach ( there is no end point though ) 

     ==> Agile Retrospective (Esther and Diana) and Software in 30 days by Ken and Jeff -  Explained with lot of examples and exercises

     ==> Our Iceberg is Melting (John and Holger) - Agile mindset explained beautifully via fable. 

While certification is important but journey itself was quite enjoyable and i learned ( unlearned quite a few as well) lot of things. In some cases it forced me to rethink the way we are running scrum and how it can be improved

Last but not the least this forum and lot of other posts/ threads on PSM II helped me in preparing.


Feel free to reach out to me in case of any queries or info. 


07:59 am October 31, 2017

Hi Prashant,

First of all heartly congratulations. 

Secondly, I cleared the PSM-1 today. I didn't attend any workshop conducted by But yes attended training session on Agile and Scrum conducted internally within our company. I don't have any working experience in Scrum.

For my situation, can you please let me know how to tackle PSM-2?


04:34 pm November 2, 2017

Hi Abhishek,


Did you took any sample exams , before giving the PSM II ..?? If yes, could you please share with us.



09:32 am November 3, 2017

Hi Abhishek , thanks for the note. I suggest in your case try to go through PSM I/ II sample questions. PSM II stresses more on real life situational questions and the best way is to get from your know work ex. If you are SM in your team then i suggest spending some more time before attempting PSM II ( not mandatory though ) 

But many suggested books ( mentioned in PSM subject areas) have scenarios / real life situations which you can convert into questions mate.


Hi Chandra, I tried but there are not many questions out there. Although i tried…

But many suggested books ( mentioned in PSM subject areas) have scenarios / real life situations which you can convert into questions mate..



08:54 pm November 3, 2017

Hi Prashant,

Your experience with PSM II, and especially the suggested materials, is really useful - thanks!

08:33 am November 4, 2017

Prashant, Congratulations!

09:29 pm November 4, 2017

Congrats Prashant! Thanks for your comments - very informative. I am at the stage of trying to build up the courage to write PSM II. Everything I have read says how difficult the exam is!

08:59 am November 5, 2017

Congratulations Prashant on clearing assessment and welcome to the Club PSM II !! :)

Scrum on!

Best Regards, 


06:44 am November 6, 2017

Thanks Malcolm, Selcuk,Ashok

Hi Debbie,  Don't stress too much.. just go through books and materials couple of times and stress specially on scenarios and examples.  all the best

01:37 pm April 29, 2018

In PSM 2, were there more questions on Nexus ?