Passed PSMI in first attempt with perfect score of 100%

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by Dana Andrea
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05:49 am November 1, 2017

I set time box of 5 days for myself (2 hrs/day) and was able to achieve it before timebox expiry :)

I started with Scrum Guide. Advise is - do NOT plan to read it in hurry. 
Plan to spare good 2 hrs for reading and understanding it thoroughly. While reading you will come a cross few items which you are not aware of 
or which you find confusing. That's where you have to spend more time (I was able to find blogs for most of these items on site iteself).
Registered and bought PSMI assessment. That's all I did on Day1. 

Took scrum open assessment - scored 86.7%
Gone through incorrect answers. Focus on understanding why as per it is incorrect (instead of just getting to know the correct answer after open assessment).
Gone through Scrum Glossary. 
Searched blogs with keyword 'Myth' on site and read some 5 to 6 blogs. These blogs covers most of the misconceptions.

Took scrum open assessment - perfect score
Took Developer and PO open assessments. Got few incorrect answers - analyzed those. 
Read below arcticle:

Took scrum open assessment - perfect score - Not mandatory for test and you can skip if you are short of time.

Took actual PSMI assessment in the morning. Was confident of passing the exam - very happy to get perfect score :)

04:39 pm November 2, 2017

Congragulation Chandrasekhar

02:48 pm July 3, 2019

Congratulations Chandrasekhar and thank you for posting this.

I followed your daily preparation and passed the exam on first attempt with 95%. I felt the free materials and time box study you suggest was sufficient to pass the exam. 

For those interested, I also used free learning mode and real mode quizzes provided by M. Lapshin.