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What does the training model look like for a new team member joining?

Last post 06:58 am November 3, 2017 by Julian Bayer
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03:47 pm November 2, 2017


I am undergoing some scrum training sessions, working in a scrum manner to tackle stories and these stories that are being used are questions related to scrum.

It would be really helpful if somebody can answer this question: 'What does the training model look like for a new team member joining?'


06:49 pm November 2, 2017

IMHO, the best training for a newbie is working in Scrum Team for some sprints, besides digesting the Scrum Guide :)

06:58 am November 3, 2017

I usually give an introduction to Scrum first up. Even if the new team member has been working with Scrum before, it's important to create a mutual understanding, as they may have worked in something that called itself Scrum but wasn't.

Then the PO gives an overview about the product and product vision.

Then the Development Team takes over, showing them the ropes introducing them to their working agreements and dev environment.

And then: Pair Programming, pair programming, pair programming. Have the new person pair with each team member throughout the first sprints. It's the easiest way to get to know the team (and vice versa) and the code.


Bear in mind please, that there is no perfect training model here. Scrum doesn't prescribe a certain way of onboarding new team members. This is just my personal experience. Results may vary by context ;)