PSM1 certified with 96.3% (77/80) in first attempt.

Last post 03:14 am November 18, 2017
by Harish Gupta
03:14 am November 18, 2017

Dear All,

Happy to share that I have cleared the PSM1 certification on 8th Nov, 2017 with 96.3% (77/80)in my first attempt.

A big THANK YOU to all the active members on this forum who has shared their experiences & knowledge on the subjected matter. It really helped a lot in understanding the topics in depth & clearing the doubts.

Would like to share my experience on this journey & I believe that if someone can honestly follow the below tips STEP-by-STEP, there are high chances to crack the exam.

  1. SCRUM GUIDE:- Take print out of scrum guide (16 Pages book).

Start reading the SCRUM GUIDE & try to understand each & every line (mere reading won’t help).

Once you are done, read it AGAIN & try to frame the questions from the content & underline the important points.

  1. OPEN Assessments:- Go for the SCRUM OPEN & PRODUCT OWNER assessments  at & test your knowledge. Look for the topics again in SCRUM GUIDE you have answered incorrectly, till you score 100% continuously 5 times in both the assessments (no need for DEVELOPER assessments for PSM1).


  1. Read Nexus Guide from (Only reading once is sufficient).


  1. Take NEXUS open assessment at (Better to get 100%).


  1. Take the mock test on in LEARNING MODE repeatedly, till you score 100% & look in the scrum guide to update/correct your understanding for each wrongly answered question.


  1. Subscribe to the Scrum awareness email course on (It’s free).


  1. Clear the doubts on forum only, rest other internet sources are not authentic & people have their own perceptions which may lead to confusion & wrong understanding.


  1. Read Scrum Guide again & go for open assessments multiple times before appearing for the exam to boost the confidence.

Hope the above steps can help you in your preparation, wish you all the best with your preparation.

Thank You,

Harish Gupta