Multiple selection in PSM II exam

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by Thomas Schaffer
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05:13 am December 17, 2017

I found in PSM II exam, there're some questions with 3 points for one question.  It mentions "choose 3 answers, 3 points question, partial marks awarded". Does it mean: if I select 2 correct answers then I will be awarded 2 points; and if I pick 3 but one of them is wrong, then I falied with 0 point; or i can still have 2 points?

10:19 am January 2, 2018

Any ideas from who has passed PSM II?

02:44 pm February 27, 2018


I am also interested in this matter, since I plan to take this assessment soon.

02:24 pm February 28, 2018

Based off the instructions, it seems that you would get points awarded for the answers chosen correctly. For 3 choices, if you get 2 correct and 1 incorrect; you would get 2 points for this question. Again, that is strictly based off the "partial marks awarded" text.

08:40 pm March 2, 2018

I think I only saw one of this question, that had multiple answers AND 3 pointers. I am sure I saw questions with multiple answers needed to be selected and no mentioning of multiple points.

11:39 am March 4, 2018

Hi to all! 

Maybe somebody will advise any resource or books which will be useful to prepare for PSM2?

01:42 am March 6, 2018

Hi Orkhan,

Have a look at




02:58 am March 7, 2018

Hi, Beenish! 

Thanks a lot :) It is one of my favourite scrum site but I did not see this info )