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What does show your SCRUM knowledge and experience in your resume?

Last post 08:27 pm December 20, 2017 by Ian Mitchell
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07:47 pm December 20, 2017


I need to ask this question here, because I couldn't get clear answers from my environment. The thing is; I have worked as app developer for 2 years. I can prove my works and knowledge in development by github link, personal webpage, demonstration videos, design portfolio, behance and etc.

Currently I study IT Project Management M.Sc. I have PSM I and PSPO I, and 2 years agile experience in where SCRUM applied ultimately wrong. My career goal is to be a SM or PO, however I do not have proofs in this direction. Should I do researches, write scientific papers, record SCRUM tutorial videos or publish posts about deployed projects? What is beyond the school and certificates? (Because certificates and school does not show that I'm good in SCRUM) What should a Scrum Master and Product Owner hold in his/her resume?

In other words, assume that you are responsible for hiring. How could you decide on SM/PO resumes? 



08:27 pm December 20, 2017

My advice would be to focus on community contributions of one sort or another. Show that you are someone who helps pass on learnings, and make the evidence of this easy to access online. You say you have 2 years experience of Scrum gone wrong. That’s a good start. Lessons from that will be valuable and will add credibility.