Can Scrum Master cancel a sprint?

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by Charles Bradley
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08:31 pm January 6, 2018


I'm reading Agile Software Development with Scrum book by Ken Schwaber and Mike Beedle and I have a question about canceling a sprint.

The book says ' If the open impediments on the whiteboard get to be length, this may indicate that the larger organization isn't supporting the team. In this case, the Scrum Master may have to cancel the Sprint.This is a very powerful card to play. It should be played only when the Scrum Master is very concerned that the organization's support for the project is so low as to render the team ineffective...'

According to the Scrum Guide, only the Product Owner has the authority to cancel the sprint. I'm confused about it. Is there anyone who may have any experience or knowledge about it?

Thank you!

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01:39 am January 9, 2018

Thank you Ian, I checked it and I’m still not sure about the answer of the question. 

I thought maybe the Scrum Guide was uptaded after the book but I see that it was incompatible before the last version of the Scrum Guide too. I assume no one has canceled a sprint as a scrum master:)

I'll go with the Scrum Guide in any way.

Thanks again!

01:26 pm January 9, 2018

Though this is a good book for reference, there are parts that are no longer valid. This was written in 2002, there have been many updates to the Scrum Framework since then. Use this as a reference but compare it to most recent Scrum Guide.

03:45 pm January 9, 2018

Much more modern books that are closer to more recent versions of Scrum are:

This one by Gunther Verheyan:

And this one by Hiren Doshi: 

04:19 pm January 10, 2018

Thank you, Curtis. I just finished it and  I realized that I was a little late to read it:) There are many differences between the book and the Scrum Guide as you said. 

Thank you for book recommendations, Charles! I chose that book because it was recommended by but I'll read yours as well. 


08:37 pm January 10, 2018

Most welcome Meral.