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Basic Scrum Questions which is confusing..

Last post 09:31 pm January 16, 2018 by anjali awasthi
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10:30 am January 11, 2018

Q1) Which is NOT true about Acceptance Criteria of a user story? (Multiple choice)

 A) It is additional detail written behind each user story card

B) Acceptance Criteria should be an exhaustive list, so that nothing is missed out

C) Acceptance Critria should clearly state the soultion exepected,along with the intent

D) Acceptance Criteria forms the 'Confirmation' part of the 3C's of a User Story

I think it should be B & C 


05:35 pm January 11, 2018

Ask yourself if a user story is meant to be exhaustive, and what that would mean for its acceptance criteria. Also, what do you think should be involved in confirming a user story?

10:50 pm January 11, 2018

I agree with you, B and C seem like the two best answers to the question.  A user story was meant to be a lightweight, and promise to have a conversation, so the acceptance criteria does not have to be exhaustive (B).  And a story isn't meant to state a solution (C), that is best left up to the Development Team to implement.

All the best

05:06 am January 12, 2018

As per my understanding it should be A & B. 

A) It is not just the additional details,  I would say it should be there to always to assess the user story once it is done 

B) might not be the exhaustive list because our user story is chunk of peace and we are not building exhaustive functionality.  It should confirm what we are building with few necessary negative validations

C) i feel acceptance criteria should clearly says the solution going to be given. Else while validating the user story every one might start assessing the users tory as per the solution they feel right. 

D) yes.  

04:45 pm January 16, 2018

This is not really a Scrum question.  User Stories are not part of Scrum.

06:16 pm January 16, 2018

i think its B

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