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by Endis Velazco
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06:01 pm January 30, 2018


I am new Scrum Master with a new team in a new to agility company (everything is new).

I would like to print some messages with scrum principles and values and paste them in team room walls, so the team can learn them.


Any advice or examples of this kind of messages, arts. Any blog or book linked to this topic.

Thank you in advanced.

07:05 am January 31, 2018

Hi Endis

Why do you want to take this approach, and what particularly do you want the team to learn?

Visual aids can help, but there are also other techniques, such as coaching sessions with the team or individuals, or the Sprint Retrospective if you find something needs to be raised there.

I suggest identifying areas for improvement and then coming up with specific plans to address each one.

Here's a poster about the Scrum values.

Perhaps you might want to arrange an activity, set a timebox, and get the team (perhaps also stakeholders and managers) to share what they think these values mean. The results could help the team and company grow, or at least highlight differences in opinion


12:11 pm January 31, 2018

Hi Simon.

My approach with those cards is to set some kind of constant visual for principles and values. Like a reminder, in support of retrospective, of our values.

Thank you for the poster and your comments.

09:31 pm January 31, 2018

If you are looking for visual reminders to teams about Scrum/Agile, look to the 12 Agile principles.   

I have actually used the 12 Agile Principles frequently at various assignments, writing each principle at the top of a white board in separate conference rooms.   

You'd be surprised how long some of those Agile Principles stay on those boards.

10:24 pm January 31, 2018

Why not ask the team themselves how they would like to use their working space, and coach them to inspect and adapt that practice every Sprint Retrospective.

They may wish to have posters with principles or values or they might choose something else entirely, like new means of radiating information about work-in-progress, risks, impediments, or future projections.

09:27 pm February 2, 2018

I usually come up with my own posters when I need them. Sometimes I would print something out, like metrics, or I would use a big post-it note and draw/wriet what I need on it.

Very often I would have a session with a team on a certain topic for which I would produce a poster (I don't like using PPT slides), then I'd put that same poster up as a reminder in the team space for some time.

Here is an example of a poster I used in High Performance Tree Retrospective that I then put in my team area:

High Performance Tree

02:52 pm February 5, 2018

Thank you all for your ideas!!!