My experience to pass PSM1 with mark 93.8

Last post 07:23 pm February 14, 2020
by Sivashankar Olapalayam Balasubramanaim
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08:51 pm February 1, 2018

Hello all,

I passed my test before 3 hours! and liked to share it with you guys.

First, I studied the scrum master guide one time and did the test but I failed with mark 77%. Then I wen through this forum and changed my studying strategy. BIG thx to all people active here.

I studied the guide 3 times making sure to understand every single line, writing my notes, summarize the whole material on 3 pages. 

Then, I did the following tests many times until I'm getting above 95% every time.


I hope this will help :)

02:55 pm February 14, 2020


Putting my suggestions below  to pass the Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I) assessment from

I'm part of scrum development team earlier and now I'm working  with 3 scrum  teams . This experience gives me confidence on taking up the exam. Along with that  I have 


  1. Gone through the Scrum Guide 10 times, line by line and understand the meaning for each of the point.
  2. Scrum Glossary - I say it's must go through it
  3. Scrum Open Assessment - I did 14 times until I get constant score 100%, keep track of timings
  4. Every day I read the Q & A in Scrum Forum, few questions appeared in the exam 
  5. Took open assessments in
  6. Note down the wrong questions, key points to remember in a separate sheet, revise its daily

There are many open assessment available on the internet, Free and Paid, but be careful with the questions, personally I see a lot of questions which not fall under theory


Exam Approach


  1. Buy the exam in advance, it helped me to focus more on preparations
  2. Revise the key points daily and day of the exam
  3. Relax, take a deep breath  and start the exam
  4. I took exam in  my work place environment - To make sure power supply and internet back-ups available
  5. Note down the questions which you are not clear, and resist the answers after your completion
  6. Don't think previous questions and pass percentage while you focussing a new question
  7. Apply the scrum theory, strike off the answers which are irrelevant 
  8. Choose the closest answer(s) to the scenario
  9. Questions were tricky, so go with the closest answer
  10. I ended up to finish all the questions in 00:49:00
  11. Used next 10 mins to revisit my marked questions
  12. Changed a couple of answers
  13. Submit


Thanks all for your inputs in the forum sections which helped to understand better