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Slack App to execute, record and share daily standup!

Last post 03:53 pm March 11, 2020 by Daniel Wilhite
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06:12 pm February 5, 2018

Hi members! I am the Product Owner of VoiceStandup (

VoiceStandup is a Slack App that allows Scrum teams to execute, record and share daily standup in Slack.

With VoiceStandup you can execute standup meetings dialling in both via phone or browser. VoiceStandup starts to record the meeting as soon as the first participant joins. Then, when the last participant leaves the call, the recording is posted in Slack and it is available for everyone to be listened.

We think it is particularly useful in case team members want to listen to a standup they could not attend (situational awareness). Also, other people such as executives, can listen to the standup recording and make sure they can take action to support Scrum team when needed.

I would love to hear your opinions and I would be super happy to give out the product for free in exchange of feedback. Thanks so much to you all!

08:23 pm February 5, 2018

Granted, there are challenges when a Scrum Team is distributed, but what separates this product from others like WebEx and Skype that can perform similar functions?

08:58 am February 6, 2018

Hi Timothy. Thanks for your comment.

The main difference is the ease of use (and set up) and the fact that it is optimised for the daily standup:

  1. Other tools such as WebEx or Skype requires you to record the meeting, then export a file mp3 and to share it with your co-workers whereas VoiceStandup does this automatically. You just need to dial in and hang up when the standup is over. As soon as the last participant leaves the call, a link to the newly generated recording is posted in Slack (we want to integrate more chat tools beside Slack in the future) and anyone can listen just be clicking on it.
  2. The dashboard visible while you perform a standup if you dial in via URL in your browser displays relevant information for Scrum Master and team members such as participant avatar, time left and burn down chart. Thanks to this, the Scrum Master can orchestrate the standup in the best way possible.

Ciao! F.

08:01 pm February 6, 2018

Is it really up to the Scrum Master to orchestrate matters?

If the Scrum Master was not there, would a list of impediments be recorded and immediately communicated for action?

08:15 pm February 6, 2018


I'm not sure if your product addresses a real pain point with distributed teams.

In my experience serving distributed teams, WebEx or Skype have served us well (conference call, screen share, etc.), and it is a minimal effort to set up, record, and distribute meetings under either tool.

Keep in mind too that, while the Scrum Master may facilitate Daily Scrums, it is really their main responsibility to ensure that it takes place.

03:52 pm February 7, 2018

Hi Francesco,

I like the idea of the tool as a general idea - it's true that setting up Lync and some other online tools is a pain, and then a lot of them have terrible recording or no recording at all.

At the same time I wouldn't use this tool for stand-ups, but would maybe use it for things like Sprint Reviews for larger audience, product showcase meetings or code review discussions, for example. This would be a great information radiator for people in the company to learn what is being worked on by different departments.

In this case, screen sharing and recording would be extremely important.


But in stand-ups or any other event that has a main goal of inspection and adaptation, I would prefer to have everyone to be there in person (or at least on the phone) rather than give them a tool that can potentially reduce communication effectiveness. Let's be honest, if people think it's ok to just listen in on a recording later on then attend the actual meeting, they might just do that. 

Hope this helps you identify where to take your product next.

12:56 pm March 11, 2020

my point of view:

ScumMaster is best not to participate in the daily scrum autonomy of team members,

Just make sure the team members participate and follow the 15 minute time box,

For team members to use slack webex lync Skype, it is decided by the team.


03:53 pm March 11, 2020

I think the concept of a Slack add-on that has the functionality you are providing is good but not for the Daily Scrum.  I fear that it will lead to the development of bad practices such as "I'll just skip the Daily Scrum and listen to what everone else said on the recording."  That is good for one person to learn what all the others are doing but it leaves everyone else trying to guess what the people missing are doing.  

I have used Zoom, Web-ex, Slack video calls and Microsoft Teams video calls in the past.  It allows for remote people to participate on equal level as people in the office and maintains the human interaction that is important for the Daily Scrum.  

I think you have a good product idea but it might be better targeted for other purposes. 

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