Definition Of Done ( Mulitple Teams )

Last post 08:41 pm February 10, 2018
by Ian Mitchell
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04:08 am February 10, 2018

This from the Scrum Guide : 

If there are multiple Scrum Teams working on the system or product release , the Development Teams on all of the Scrum Teams must mutually define the definition of ' Done ' . 

So what I understood is : 

It doesn't clearly mention that there's ONE definition of " Done" ( yes , it sounds like that ) , the purpose is to insist on the rule that it should be mutual . Based on , there can be multiple definitions of  ' Done ' when multiple teams are working on the same product .  we just have to be sure : 

1. They are compatible , and capable of creating ONE integrated Increment at the end of the Sprint . 

2. They should all follow the minimums set by the development organization ( because of the orgnisation standards  ) . 

Any other thoughts would be very helpful & appreciated


08:41 pm February 10, 2018

Remember that as well as achieving 1 and 2, it’s important that people actually share the same understanding of what Done means and are not confused by context.