Why do you love Scrum?

Last post 07:12 am March 9, 2018
by Julian Bayer
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02:41 pm February 13, 2018

Hi friends,

I want to know about your experiences of being Scrum Master. I have two personal questions for you:

  • Why do you love Scrum?
  • What is the best thing about being a Scrum Master?


03:38 pm March 8, 2018

(1) I love Scrum because it is founded on empiricism - where knowledge comes from experience and making decisions based on what is known. It is scientific and since I come from a scientific background (PhD and MSc), it fits very well with the way I think, reason, and communicate with everyone around me.

(2) The best thing about being a Scrum Master is that you get to build lasting relationships with the people around you. The Scrum Framework works when there is trust within the Scrum Team. Don't be surprised if even after work, you're still surrounded by awesome people.

07:19 pm March 8, 2018

Hi, Diego!

1 - In my case, I've just compared scrum with waterfall. In waterfall, we make a product which will be ready only in 1 year. In Scrum my product (part of my product) will be ready in 2-3 months and I know what was wrong and I have time to remove this obstacle;

2 - In my mind to understand that you are the part of a team and you show the way to this team of how to go through this 'journey'

07:12 am March 9, 2018

1) I've seen the other side. I've worked on phase-based development efforts in a command and control environment. And I've worked on a Scrum Team. The latter was more energised and more engaged in the development and cared more about the product they created.

2) It's incredibly fun and fulfilling. You get to work with people and your job is to motivate them to improve themselves and their team. That's a fascinating and complex undertaking. But it helps them and it helps you grow.