Cleared PSM I in first attempt

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by Sankar Ramaswamy
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12:38 pm March 12, 2018

I passed my PSM I today. I followed the resources available online. 

1. Scrum Guide. One should read each and every line available in the guide and understand the meaning.

2. Scrum Open assessment. Try to get 100% within 10mins before attempting PSM I

3. Burn down chart.

4. Questions are of types : TRUE/FLASE, select a single answer from given options, single multiple answers (2/3) from given options.

5. Time management is critical as you need to answer 80 questions in 60 mins.

6. Experience working as Scrum Master really helps.

I passed CSM/CSPO almost 2 years back but still found PSM I bit tougher (due to multiple choice answers). 



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07:32 pm March 12, 2018

Hi Bhanu - Congratulations on the certification. So is it a browser restricted exam or we are allowed to google (open book) ? :)

03:02 am March 13, 2018

My understanding is there is no restriction as such. But I recommend not to waste time browsing in Google during the exam. 

04:41 pm March 14, 2018

Yes, there is no time to do it during the exam.

02:36 am March 15, 2018


I like that you mentioned "6. Experience working as Scrum Master really helps." because it appears many are drilling/cramming to pass the test rather than the appreciating the real application of Scrum.

11:28 am March 19, 2018

Congrats Bhanu!!


Suggestion : Dont try for googling during the exam and it will deviate your attention unnecessarily. As he mentioned "Experience working as Scrum Master" will help to pass the exam with good mark.

03:01 pm July 19, 2019

Passed PSM 1 with 90% in the first attempt. 

Overall experience: Tougher than expected.

Learning from the exam: 
1. The Open assessments and other mock exams available should be used extensively to time train yourself. 
But these assessments are not on par with the complexity of the questions in the actual exam. Hence beware. 
2. Working in a team which follows Agile and Scrum really helps in the exam, than what you study on the Scrum Guide. 
3. Questions on the actual exam are lengthy, with answer choices having long sentences too. Hence it becomes very important to answer shorter questions in less than 10 seconds and anticipate to allow yourself up to a minute for those lengthy questions. 

Preparation for the exam: 
a) Scrum Guide --(Multiple Times : target to get 100% each time) 
b) Preparing own notes, charts and pointers for easy reference. 
c) mlapshin open assessment--- both Learning Mode and Real mode. (Multiple Times : target to get 100% each time) 
d) Scrum Glossary on
e) YouTube video : PSM I Certification Exam Preparation - Tips & Tricks
f) Listening to the audio Scrum Guide to internalize the concepts



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04:53 pm July 20, 2019

Hello Everyone,

Can anyone guide me if i need to study PSPO for clearing PSM I certification?.


Sankar R