What are the next steps to gain the PSMII?

Last post 03:41 pm March 14, 2018
by Leon Noordermeer
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08:58 pm March 13, 2018

Hello scrum community,

today I have passed my PSMI. Now I would like to do the next steps and gain the next level. It is useful to do the PSMII immediately after the PSMI or it is better to work for a while as a professional scrum master?


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08:46 am March 14, 2018
02:20 pm March 14, 2018

I would advice to get at least 6-12 months of experience running with a couple of scrum teams. As the Scrum guide says, Scrum is easy to learn and hard to master.

But I haven't done any PSMII certification yet and getting the experience.