New App named "Scrum Retro" on the Apple Appstore.

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by Ben Brumm
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03:14 am March 16, 2018

I was searching for some scrum related apps and found this one. Has anyone tried this?

Not many reviews about this app and not many apps made for the scrum masters either.

Please suggest if there are any good utilities or apps that you use.

08:49 pm March 16, 2018

Not sure about the Scrum Retro app or good apps on the iPhone market, but Android does have a bunch of options available, some good and some bad.

On both mobile platforms (and PC) I'd recommend Trello as a nice free app. It's more of a Kanban tool than a Scrum specific, but it can integrate nicely into Scrum projects.

09:35 pm March 16, 2018 is also another free Retro board, and does not require people to have an account to participate (just to set up a retro).

I also like spotify's retro kit, not a tool, but some good ideas: 

09:51 pm March 19, 2018

Thank you Jason, I have considered Trello and it was helpful in organizing my thoughts, todo list, reminders...

But, this tool is more focused towards Agile & Sprint Retro. It looks new with not many reviews but promising from the screenshots.

So, I will give it a shot, and post my review if it's worth.

Here is the link -

07:37 am March 21, 2018

I use Trello. One of my favourite application. Very useful.

07:34 pm March 21, 2018

Great utilities Chris but the "ideaboard" is not available in US for iPhones and we scrum masters at our firm have the rule to limit using laptops and phone while running a retro.

Sprint Retro -

This app has an option to dictate or speak to log/enter the event. Very thoughtful. I'm giving it a shot.

09:50 am April 4, 2018

It's definitely a handy app, have been using it for all my team retros... every sprint.

07:50 pm June 9, 2018

Hi Jeff, I use for Retros; it is very helpful and has some cool templates. Not sure it has an available mobile app, but it works great on any browser. Hope it helps 

06:30 am October 18, 2019

Are you talking about this application? >>

It has a great feature, and it seems that its developers have put considerable efforts and price to create an app. They have mentioned: "It really is that simple to manage your project with the help of Scrum App. Go on give it a try. If you have any queries or issues for which you need our assistance: Feel free to mail us, contact info is in the app." 

I agree with this sentence. You should try this app if you haven't tried it yet.

09:24 pm October 20, 2019

Turner - I may be wrong here, but commenting on an old thread as your first post to add an app description with a link to an unrelated site seems like spam?