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Last post 04:07 am March 22, 2018
by Gunther Firk
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01:20 pm March 20, 2018


Sorry for maybe provocative question from my side but can anybody share links with another interesting agile resources where I can discuss something ? Maybe another forums, Facebook groups , Twitter pages and so on. I am fully satisfied here :) but anyway this is more scrum forum and I need to talk about entire Agile

07:57 pm March 20, 2018

Some time ago, on a Reddit, I've put a suggestion to organize regular chats in a Bring Your Own Problem. One problem, one hour and free thoughts exchange. Of course, many topics which could emerge has been discussed but there's always chance to discover sth new. The formula and the platform need to be detailed.

What do you think about that?

09:06 pm March 20, 2018
04:07 am March 22, 2018

Damian, thanks. I guess it it very nice idea. Give me please the link.


Olivier, thanks.