DATABASE EXAMPLE - For Scrum Analysis (Research)

Last post 02:02 pm June 14, 2019
by Filip Łukaszewski
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05:27 pm April 5, 2018

Hello friends,
I'm developing scrum-related research, and at the moment I need to find a database with process data that uses the methodology.

The application I used at the beginning of my analysis is no longer available for consumption. At the time, the sprints and backlog were recorded on Redmine.

I would like your support. If you know of any database that I can use, please forward me.

thank you!!!

01:35 pm June 12, 2019

Hello, did you find it somewhere? I'm trying to find any database in order to develop a research based on SCRUM. 


02:02 pm June 14, 2019

Maybe you could reach-out to a local IT company in your vicinity and start cooperation with them, they might decide to share some data for academic purposes...