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Last post 05:24 pm April 12, 2018
by Endis Velazco
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12:59 pm April 11, 2018



My scrum team is new. We are in our second sprint and even my team is advancing they are working every one on separate stories. All stories are "almost finish" any one is finish yet.

I am trying to make them understand to get the job done by priority and focus on fast delivery.


Any advice, agile game to help them focus?



01:21 pm April 11, 2018

Hi Endis,

why not play the Marsmallow Challenge with your team?

After the challenge your team can discuss your concern from a different point of view.


01:43 pm April 11, 2018

Hi Endis,

Maybe a bit of a bite out of the budget, but how about taking your team to a real flight simulator where they have to work together in order to fly and land a plane safely.



01:45 pm April 11, 2018


It sounds as if your team is in the forming phase (forming-storming-norming-performing) - I'm sure there are team building exercises, etc. that you can utilize to help them transition, but there's no short cuts to teams 'working things out'...sometimes it best to stand to the side and ensure everyone is moving in the same direction-as best as possible.

02:32 pm April 11, 2018

Have you talked with the team about limiting work-in-progress, and using techniques such as pair programming to improve focus and throughput?

03:28 pm April 11, 2018

@Nils Hyoma thanks! I ll check that info.


@Meade Rubenstein yes, they are in forming phase. I am looking for those exercises to help them.


@Ian Mitchell I have talked them about WIP and they are afraid of pair programming and that is one thing i am still selling to them.


Thank you all guys.

02:43 am April 12, 2018

Has pair programming been tried before or are they afraid without trying? 

Maybe a reminder on the benefits of limiting WIP would be great, if not done yet. Or simpler, as a Team how could we improve the speed to deliver a user requirement faster?

How does the Product Owner feel in this situation? Would he feel better to receive smaller pieces regularly with maximum value to give to the end users (with the highest priority)?

11:50 am April 12, 2018

Hi Mathieu.


They are afraid without trying pair programming.

Minimizing wip it is something i ve been talking to them, and explaning beneficts and "better feeling of the client" with smaller pieces delivery.


PO feel good because he only cares about final delivery of sprint. I ve been working with him too about continuos small delivery and the advantage of been able to check something sooner into the sprint and getting his initial feedback.


Thank you.

02:30 pm April 12, 2018

I am curious of what stop them to try new things to improve as a team. Like the Scrum Guide states:

Scrum makes clear the relative efficacy of your product management and work techniques so that you can continuously improve the product, the team, and the working environment.

Scrum offers a safe place to improve. Why don't they want to take the opportunity given to them?

Another thing I am curious is the adaptation they work on at every single sprint. During the previous sprint, as a Scrum Team, did you identify at least one potential improvement?

05:24 pm April 12, 2018

Yes, we did identify potential improvements. Like, tasking better, aovid some re working.


But they still dont try to work together on one small thing. They feel it will be slower.


That is why i am looking for some exercises to demostrate it is not necessary slower to work together and minimize wip.