Agile and infrastructure/architecture

Last post 12:39 pm May 9, 2018
by Aidan Webb
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02:54 pm April 29, 2018


My team is primarily responsible for third party vendor solutions and their integration into our firm's systems. We are solution architects you could say. We do have some development work around these solutions but mainly related to support; we don't develop the software as such. That said, we don't provision servers, hardware - we are strictly applications. 

I am very interested in agile concepts! But I am wondering if there is an arm of agile that can relate to solutions architecture.


11:46 pm May 8, 2018

Hi Kevin,

I'm an Iteration manager for Infrastructure and Ops team and Agile works in these environments. Agile can work for writing a book even HR.

The way I run things within our department which I feel has worked the best is Kanban approach as Infra/Ops is continuously shoulder taps and BAU.

Kanban lets the engineers chose their work and you can still prioritize in the backlog what needs to be done first.

If we have a big project we use Sprints do deliver the product. So in answer to your question we use Agile Kanban and Scrum in the same department and they both work well for us.