Youhou, I have passed the PSM I exam :) My advice if that can help others...

Last post 06:03 pm May 4, 2018
by Cherif Bouaoud
09:58 am May 4, 2018

Hello Members of the Scrum Community!

I am so happy to have achieved the Professional Scrum Master I. Result 91.5% but at the 74 questions the system didn't want to load the next page!!!! I had then 7min left which melted down to 3! I lost there 4 precious minutes!!! I can tell you that my level of anxiety was very high. What I did is to refresh the page and it worked..pfff

First attempt I did it for fun, to see how hard the questions were...and it was HARD (71%) although I had trained but just used the Scrum Guide, the training manual and the Open Assessment with 100% success after 3 attempts.

I understood my mistakes and started to learn very hard Scrum Master. (average 3 hours a day for 3 weeks)

My methodology:

- Do as many tests as possible but be aware that some tests you can find on other websites might be containing some wrong answers!

- Therefore I created my own Q&A (PPT) and searched for the right answers through books and tutorials

- I selected all wrong answers everytime I practiced and studied them

- Focused on these questions everyday, update my PPT ever time I studied

- After a while it becomes natural and you understand the whole logic of SCRUM! And there you feel amazingly well :)

- I then decided I was ready and passed successfully the exam.

My background is Business Development but I had a good understanding of processes and Project management as I negotiated contracts with clients for Engineering projects with R&D contacts. I already experienced Project management processes but didn't do it or may be I could then consider myself as a Product Owner role where I had to be between the end client and the development team. All this also help memorise the Scrum process.

Should you need any help, please contact me.

Now I will keep learning (motivated 2000%) and look forward to exchanging experience with all of you here!

Have a nice day!