Cleared PSM I with 92.5%

Last post 06:07 pm May 4, 2018
by Marvin Mendonca
05:33 pm May 4, 2018

I want to share my experiences and study approach for the benefits of those attempting the assessment.

  1. Scrum forums: Read the advice/feedback posted in these forums. It helped me to understand many aspects like Mindset for Exam preparation, time required for preparation, planning, study materials, what to do during the exam, etc.
  2. Scrum Guide: It is brief, important and easy to understand. Do not just read it but try to understand it. This will be possible if you go through it multiple times. Mark sections or points that you feel are important. Print it out and scribble your own understanding wherever possible. This approach will also help you during last minute revision before the assessment.
  3. Open Assessments: Try the assessments only after you understand the guide thoroughly. Attempt all assessments - PSM, PO, PSD and Nexus. Take the assessments multiple times till you start getting 100% in 5 consecutive attempts for each. DO NOT RUSH THROUGH THE ASSESSMENT. Understand each question, review all answers, mark the correct answer and justify the un-selected answers. This approach will help in clearing many concepts that are not clear in the guide. Please do not attempt open assessments under 10 mins or less as suggested in a number of posts. It will not let the concept sink in as after two to three attempts of open assessment you will already know the right answers as the question pool is not that large.
  4. Many of the questions from Open Assessments also appear in actual PSM I assessment. So this is the most important part of preparation.
  5. Other assessments: I found assessments at to be good. Please attempt these multiple times as they will fill in the understanding gaps.
  6. Other study materials: Read the article " The New New Product Development game" thoroughly.
  7. During the exam, please read the entire question carefully and observe negative words like "not", "don't", etc. Also, read all the answers before selecting the most appropriate answer.