So I was a know it all but found out I really was not. all that.

Last post 03:08 am June 13, 2018
by Daniel Marcantel
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11:18 pm June 12, 2018

I am happy I passed the PSM1 today with a 96.3%.

I have been an Agile guy since 2007 and Scrum Alliance boot camp and organization certified many times over.

I have Agile Coached and Scrum Mastered as a consultant in close to a dozen companies.

My point is I actually had to study. I thought I had it in the bag when I took it last DEC and failed twice.

Now I need to up my game and take the PSM II , PSM III , PSPO, and Kanban certs then I can be a know it all 😊.


02:31 am June 13, 2018

Strange how humbling an exam can be. Congrats on passing with a great score! I’m currently studying for the PSK and once done, I’ll get onto the PSMII. 

03:08 am June 13, 2018

Yea I want the PSK to. I have not certified in a while so I plan on doing all the certs as many as I can afford the next six months.