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by Jennifer Stekkinger
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05:27 pm June 27, 2018

Good day,

Ive been assisgned as a SM for a fairly new scrum team.  This new team comes with a lot of bad practices, most of them because lack of knowledge of what they actually need to do.   

I would like to suggest some good reading for Product Owners and Development team, if possible in spanish.

Can you please recommend some books so they can understand that their role is about from scratch



05:06 pm July 10, 2018

Juan, sorry I didn't see this but you should look at The Professional Product Owner: Leveraging Scrum as a Competitive Advantage by Don McGreal and Ralph Jocham. I don't think it's in Spanish yet but it is a great book.

06:02 pm July 10, 2018

Hi Juan, I would recommend you to take a look at my shortlist

for Product Owners:

  1. Scrum Product Ownership by Robert Galen 
  2. The Professional Product Owner by Don McGreal
  3. Agile Product Management with scrum by Roman Pichler

for Development Team:

  1.  Scrum breathtakingly brief & agile introduction
05:13 am July 11, 2018

Geoff Watts also has a 2017 book, Product Mastery: From Good to Great Product Ownership.

09:21 pm July 18, 2018
10:56 pm July 27, 2018

Thanks, Lars, very interesting book. I guess this book definitely will help to prepare for PSPO 2. 

01:04 pm July 30, 2018

Thanks Lars I took my PO class from Ralph but had not idea to co-authored a book! Can't wait to read it.