Kanban using JIRA tool in Application support UAT env for service requests

Last post 09:21 pm July 10, 2018
by Uma-Venkata Ratna-Kumar Lekkala
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06:34 pm July 9, 2018

Hi Team,

I am managing a team of 20 resources working on Application support projects in UAT env.

We use JIRA tool for ticket management and all new project qualification activities come in the form of Master JIRA and relevant sub-tasks. Tickets are raised throughout the day & most of the tickets efforts are 1 or 2 hrs of time and they are mostly operational in nature.

In our team we have a mix of BAs and technical support members.

I understood that Kanban is a best Agile methodology for managing Application support projects.

we already use Jira tool for managing our current service request tasks but it is not quite efficient in managing resource utilization as well.

I wanted to have a Kanban dashboard in JIRA wherein myself as well as Teams can see:

1)  All open requests i.e. Service request backlog [Project wise],

2) Request assigned team member wises on basis of service points velocity (To Do, WIP, On-Hold) [tasks wise]

3) Team lead can check the team members bandwidth and assign the new/existing unassigned tickets accordingly to them.

Could you pls me in setting this up in JIRA using Kanban or any other suitable methodology.

kind regards,


09:08 am July 10, 2018

I wouldn't be suprised if such a setup was actually possible in JIRA, as everything seems to somehow be possible in JIRA.

Still, I would like to raise some questions. These may not be directly helpful to your point, but may still be worth pondering.

Kanban, as an agile framwork, is based around teams. You will probably have noticed that the agile manifesto as wella s the agile community talk about teams a lot. So to what end are you checking individual bandwiths of team members instead of the team's bandwitdth?

How come you want to assign tickets to team members considering that Kanban is usually considered to be a pull-system?

09:21 pm July 10, 2018

All of that can be done in JIRA. Look for gadgets on the dashboard. Below is a list. 



Follow posts on atlassian community. You can add configuration filters to your kanban board. You can add a quick filter (button) for all items assigned to a person, of particular priority, of particular state etc. you can basically create a query and make it a quick view button on your board. (the query can be as complex as all pending production bugs assigned to Aadam's team and pending code merge that are older than 6 days)