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Maybe griping -

Last post 08:14 pm July 13, 2018 by Curtis Slough
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04:26 pm July 10, 2018

So please forgive me if this sounds like a gripe but I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way. Is there anyway that we can limit the whole "I passed the PSM1, here are my tips" posts? I mean the PSM1 is not easy but in terms of the exams provided by, I think it's safe to say it is the easiest to pass. I don't really think we need to see the exact same stuff every time someone passes this exam.

04:28 pm July 10, 2018

Hit the wrong button and it posted early.

I definitely don't want to come off as rude or anything but there are thousands of posts for these tips. Simply searching the forum will yield them. It would be better to utilize the forum for real world scrum related questions and scenarios; in my opinion at least.


08:28 pm July 10, 2018

+1 Curtis

I stopped reading those types of threads a while ago, as they came off as boastful and repetitive.   Now they're just a lot of board noise to wade through.

11:19 pm July 10, 2018


Perhaps there's a way to welcome these people in to the community in a way that is likely to engage other users. For instance, perhaps after passing the exam, can invite them to try answering an existing question on the forum, or to post a question about a very specific thing they don't understand about Scrum or in the Scrum Guide.

03:51 am July 11, 2018

Glad I’m not the only one. Really if people would just pay attention to the suggested reading for each of the exams, it gives more than enough info in order to pass the exam.

05:08 am July 11, 2018


It annoys me to see fresh posts asking exactly the same questions already answered ad nauseam.  It's the same at the PMI forum, where everyday someone will ask for "tips to pass PMP".

06:34 am July 11, 2018


I'd rather we focus ona ctually helping each other with our real-world challenges (or maybe the occasional theoretical construct :P ) instead of telling each other waht we did to pass the certification exams again and again.

08:01 am July 11, 2018


Oddly enough I was thinking about that the other day found it weird how many members of the forum only appear to be active when such a post is made. It's like 'a whole 'nother' community!

05:15 pm July 11, 2018

Personally, I think the mods should block these threads. It's the exact same stuff every time, it provides absolutely no help to the readers, and I fully agree it is just a boastful thing to do. No one cares whether you passed with 85% or 100%, you still hold the PSM; get over yourself. Not a single person will share a new tip that no one has thought of for passing the PSM1.

@ScrumSupport, what say you?

05:31 pm July 11, 2018



08:49 pm July 11, 2018

Thank you for your suggestions. We can certainly understand and empathize where you're coming from. We are bringing up this topic with the rest of the team for further consideration. We'll reply to this thread as soon as we have more concrete answers for you.

Thank you again for your suggestions to help us improve, and enjoy your day!

04:28 am July 12, 2018

It's the exact same stuff every time, it provides absolutely no help to the readers, and I fully agree it is just a boastful thing to do.

The biggest problem with such an article is not just boasting.

The biggest problem is that every article is recommended to use a paid or free simulation test.

I do not object to the use of mock tests, but if this is the most important reason to pass the certification, I will question whether you purchase a certification or earn a certification. I passed PSPO certification a few years ago, and in order to understand the contents of these simulations, I also bought one last month, and those topics were very, very close to the real exam, even the same. This is not so much a simulation test, but rather a braindown.

It is hard to imagine an article in a certification provider's forum that allows members to recommend these breaches of test fairness and reduce the value and transparency of the certification.

For those who are too dependent on these simulations to pass the exam, you have given up a chance to examine yourself. Even if you pass the exam, you still don't know if you know about Scrum.


01:56 pm July 12, 2018

+1 and a nice Mic Drop coming from Ching.

03:40 pm July 13, 2018

Hello all,

We sincerely appreciate your dedication to continuous improvement, and your desire to use our forums as they were truly intended. After bringing this discussion up with our team, we have decided that we will no longer accept new threads on how to pass our assessments in favor of discussions that truly contribute to learning, understanding, and fostering enriching conversation.

Thank you for this opportunity to improve for the benefit of the Scrum community at large. We hope you enjoy your day.

05:23 pm July 13, 2018

Thank you Scrum Support!

05:35 pm July 13, 2018

Thank you Scrum Support!

Yes, and thank you Curtis for having the courage and openness in being the first to raise this issue.

07:06 pm July 13, 2018

>> Yes, and thank you Curtis for having the courage and openness in being the first to raise this issue.

I'll add one more Scrum value to the mix - bringing up the opportunity in a respectful manner.  Thank you Curtis.

08:14 pm July 13, 2018

Very happy to help. Thanks to all who voiced their agreement as well because that was just as important in getting this updated.

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