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Last post 09:22 am July 13, 2018
by Jennifer Stekkinger
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02:29 pm July 12, 2018

I was taking the Product Owner open assessment and one question was:

Q: The product owner can best be described as: 

A: correct answer: requirements collector

B: Wrong answer: value maximizer

However the Scrum guide says, "The product owner is responsible for maximizing the value of the product resulting from work of the development team." No where in the scrum guide does it say that the PO is responsible for being the requirements collector. Can someone explain to me why requirements collector is the correct answer when this is not at all mentioned in the scrum guide? PS Ultimately yes you are the requirements collector, but if it's not in the "Scrum Guide" I should not be getting this wrong on the exam!

02:50 pm July 12, 2018

I think you should contact Support about this. Just for fun, I took the PSPO open just not and got this same question. I chose Value Maximizer and it marked it as correct.

Did it give you an explanation as to why it felt that Requirements Collector was the correct answer? Each time an answer is incorrect in the Open Assessments there is an explanation given. Would love to know what it said for you.

02:53 pm July 12, 2018

Certainly one for support as value maximiser is the right answer.

03:05 pm July 12, 2018

Hello Jennifer.

We believe you may be misunderstanding the key for feedback:

If you select an incorrect answer, you will see an X next to the answer you selected. The blue arrow will indicate the correct option. Here is an example of how your feedback will look:

"Requirements Collector" is an incorrect answer, as indicated by the red X. The correct answer to this question is "Value Maximizer" as indicated by the blue arrow, as well as the feedback.

I hope we were able to address your inquiry. We wish you the best in your continued journey with Scrum, and hope you enjoy your day.

09:22 am July 13, 2018

Just curious did you pull this from my assessment? I have taken this several times and I always choose value maximizer. On my assessment this was incorrect. This is not the first time I got questions wrong that were correct. Never the less thanks for the feedback I will contact support should I see something questionable.